Style It Up | Kate Moss in Siwy

Style It Up | Kate Moss in Siwy

Kate Moss Siwy Style It Up | Kate Moss in Siwy

Kate Moss is one of those celebrities who, as hard as I try, can never catch having a poor style moment. This past week she was seen gallivanting through the streets of London and well, once again her attire went unflawed.

Moss was photographed outside of Lemonia in London sporting a sleek, business casual outfit. She paired a white button up shirt with a fitted sleeveless blazer and scarf. However, her jeans were the most eye catching part for me. Moss wore Siwy’s Hannah Slim Crop Jean in the ‘One Love’ wash –a light bluish gray.

Michelle Siwy launched the collection in Spring 2005 in New York. Her designs take the edgy inspiration you find in NYC, combined with the stress of quality in the LA denim scene. The stitching on the jeans adds strength and the stretchy long lasting materials used ensure a maximum lifespan. These won’t be the kind of jeans you have to throw away after a year. *Cough, Forever21*

Kate Most Siwy Style It Up | Kate Moss in Siwy
The tough thing about jeans is that it’s hard for women to find the right pair for their body type. Tops only run Small-Large, but jeans come in all different kinds of cuts and sizes. Siwy’s modern tailoring technique is flattering on every figure and provides the wearer with comfort. Instead of just using a cookie cutter jean template, there is a thought process that goes into Siwy jeans; all with the intention of making women look their best. They support an active lifestyle and won’t restrain you from moving, sitting or standing. Quilted pockets lift and shape the backside, while carefully placed seams outline the body for sexy curves –although unfortunately I don’t think there’s ANY thoughtfully placed seem that could give Kate Moss curves.
I guess I’ve finally discovered her fashion flaw.

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