Summer Hairstyles for Teens

Summer is bringing in the heat with all the high trending fashions, gorgeous looks, and easy-to-copy styles. We know that the last thing you want to do in the summer is spend countless amount of hours in front of the mirror styling and re-styling your hair.

So, here are several great, super easy hair styles that you can effortlessly re-create!

Fishtail Bun

Braids: Braids seem to be one of the most popular hairstyles out there, and for obvious reasons. There are tons of different styles of braids and they’re incredibly easy to do. For all you teen girls out there who want to look cute in a flash, this is the go-to style! Here are a few options for you:
  • Dutch Diva: A Dutch braid is not only easy, but it keeps your hair up and out of your face: perfect for a day on the beach! Gather your hair to the side, grab three thick sections of hair and start braiding. Once the braid is complete, wrap the braid on top of your hair and pin it to the other side. Gather the remainder of your loose hair in the back and pin it up in a bun. Super easy and crazy fast!
  • Fishtail Bun: Start in the upper middle section of your hair, and begin your fishtail. Once you reach the bottom of the fishtail, gather your braid and wrap it up in a bun. This gives the plain a ole’ bun a whole new look!

Curls: On those warm summer nights where you want to hang with your friends and enjoy the freedom of starry skies and no school, these curly hairstyles are envy-worthy, without a doubt. The best part? Here at Salon Deauville, our hairstylists can trim your hair to hold a curl just right! Here are just a few different ways you can curl your hair for long lasting style!

beach waves
  • Curly-Cue Ponytail: This one is about as easy, adorable, and care-free as it gets! Not only is your hair enviously curly, but it’s also up and out of your face, leaving you with the freedom to enjoy the breezy, warm summer nights! Not to mention, this ten-minute- tops hairstyle will give you fashionable style in no time at all.
  • Beach Babe: Just about every young lady and woman loves beach waves. It gives you an essence of relaxed style, chic sophistication, and beachy fun. With beach waves, you’ll be able to attend any occasion, whether it’s a day on the beach or a fun day with your friends!

Free Flowing: Keeping your hair down gives you a comfortable, fashionable, laid back appeal. There are several different ways to style your hair down, but for a couple fancier teen styles, take a look at these gorgeous hairstyles:

  • Loops n’ Curls: Keeping your hair down, curl midway down your hair for loose curls or waves. Then, take the front side portion of your hair and divide it into four separate sections. The first, top section, pin it up with bobby pins, making sure that it has a little volume for a small, smooth bump. Then, take the next piece and create a loop, and then pin it down with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the last two sections of hair, going downward towards your ear. In the end, you have a stylish, super simple, fancy up-do that’s perfect for fancy family dinners and a fun girl’s night out.
  • Sideways Beauty: It’s fun, fancy, and super simple; this curly hair-do gives a fun twist to your average curls. Curl all of your hair with a 1” curling iron, curling your hair towards one side (rather than down your back). Once all your hair is curled, gently arrange your curls to one side, and then hairspray it all together. If you need to use bobby pins to keep it all on the side, you can easily do so.

These are just a few fabulous hairstyles that are not only easy to re-create, but they’re fun and great for just about any occasion. Now that school is out and the days are short and the fun is long lasting, you don’t have to be stuck with plain old pony tails and French braids.

teen hair styles 2015

Here at Salon Deauville, our stylists are here to help you make sure that your hair stays gorgeous and healthy throughout the heat of the summer. By keeping your locks properly trimmed, you’ll be able to master these gorgeous styles without the hindrance of split ends and grown out hair color. If you need to book an appointment, make sure to do it on our website or give us a call!

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