Swoon-Worthy, Office-Ready Hairstyles for Men

We’ve seen a lot of great hairstyles for women and even girls, but what about for men? 2015 has come up with a ton of really great and stylish hairdos for men that are sophisticated, relaxed, or shaggy! No matter what your style preference, you’re guaranteed to find a hot and manly hairstyle that’s perfect for you!

Sophisticated Style: For those of you gentleman who are office bound and suit-preferred, there are excellent styles out there that are both attractive and professional. Here are a few great ideas for you!

hairstylist for men montreal
  • Flow and Comb: This is a shorter version of the full coif. It adds a sophisticated air about your appearance, making you look more professional, yet still young and hip! This is a great style for thick, straight hair.
  • Caesar Cut: Think Gerard Butler. It’s a great cut for guys who want little to no maintenance hairstyles that are still professional and sexy. This hairstyle is great for pretty much any hair type, and with its no-maintenance styling, it’s a great do for those guys who want to spend as little time in front of the mirror as possible.
  • James Bond Bold: This is a really hot look for guys who want to give off an appearance of gentry-styled sophistication. It’s great for guys in their mid-40’s who want to look mature, yet young and stylish. This is a great hairdo for straight and finer hair. Thick or wavy hair won’t cooperate with this style.
  • Contemporary Quiff: This is a rad style that’s been around for years, and for great reason. It’s incredibly sexy, stylish, and can be styled for fancier or more relaxed occasions. This is one of the more favored styles today. For a more dramatic, yet still professional look, opt for keeping your hair long on the top while cut close to the side. For a more sophisticated, office-appropriate look, make the top wave over or combed nicely. No bed head comb over is acceptable for the office.
  • Fabulous French Crop: This is similar to the Caesar cut, but it’s a little bit longer. This is a fabulous haircut for any age, any style preference, and any design desire. For a style idea, think George Clooney or Gary Barlow. What’s awesome about this style is you can have a tighter cut like the Caesar cut, or you can have it longer to where it’s almost a quiff. Either way, the style is modifiable to your preference.
  • Wavy Locks: If you have longer hair and wish to style it up, than this is a style for you. This is a great style for those of you who have thick wavy hair and don’t quite know what to do with it. Think Alex Pettyfer for a shorter, wavy hairdo. It’s combed back a smidge, but it’s still wavy and loose. It’s great for a more relaxed day at the office, something that’s both professional and sexy.

men hairstylist montreal
Here at Salon Deauville, our stylists can easily recreate any red-carpet, office worthy style that you’re after. If you’re interested in booking an appointment with one of our fantastic stylists, than make sure to schedule one online or give us a call!

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