First Unisex Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer by TwinLuxe

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brand TwinLuxe recently introduced its first product designed for use by both men and women, its Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer. The new protective lotion literally redefines the burgeoning companys position within the skincare industry.

The manufacturer of deluxe skincare and grooming goods opted to develop its first unisex product based upon feedback it received from its male consumer demographic. Many of our male customers have told us that their wives and girlfriends enjoy using the TwinLuxe skin care theyve purchased, so it only made sense for us to develop a new product marketed for both women and men, said the brand’s co-founder, Anthony Tsai, in a prepared statement regarding the new product.The end result is the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer, which we are extremely thrilled to launch, our first entry into the womens beauty market.

Nip + Fab | Natural Fix-It for Aging

Nip and Fab Bust Fix Nip + Fab | Natural Fix It for Aging

My new favorite products: Bust Fix, Cellulite Fix and No Needle Fix are three amazing natural formulas by Nip + Fab. The bust fix is great for daily use to keep the skin on the breasts firm and supple and the cellulite fix helps to wake up problem areas and improve circulation. I find the No Need Fix to be a good prep to a basic moisturizer and it adds a dewy look to otherwise tired or lackluster skin. Anti-aging products work, but the question is always: Which one is best for my skin? Fortunately enough, Nip + Fab’s products are all natural and puts the mind at ease when considering applying the product to the tissue and skin around the bust. This area of skin is very thin and delicate and one must be careful about apply anything to the boobies that has chemicals etc because of the big C.

Women that are looking for anti-aging for the face and body should rely on products that are closer to mother nature like Nip + Fab because chemicals can sometimes have lasting affects. See below for the key selling points for each of these products:


This light serum visibly plumps, smoothes + firms skin around the bust + décolleté. Perfect for skin which has lost elasticity, it improves tonicity + firmness.

+ cell active® form plumps + supports lipid deposition
+ mangosteen reshapes + sculpts
+ essential cell-boost factor smoothes + firms


SOS lifting + intensive plumping serum, containing cellactive-form® to plump fines lines + improve skin’s overall tonicity + elasticity+indinyl® ca to hydrate + condition the skin.


An ultra fresh gel which melts instantly into your skin for a targeted + fast action on cellulite. This non sticky gel penetrates so quickly that you don’t even need to massage it into your skin.

+ cell active® shape sculpts + targets cellulite
+ indian forskolin firms + activates microcirculation
+ caffeine burns + eliminates fat cells

To browse or purchase product from Nip + Fab, visit their site here.

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