Signature Summer Scents | Haute Florals for Your Summer-Lovin Nights

Summer Fragrance Signature Summer Scents | Haute Florals for Your Summer Lovin Nights

The best compliment you can give a woman is “What fragrance are you wearing?”, for those of us that like to layer–take a wild guess. Getting older can be fun, life becomes more refined by the minute, and maturity reminds us of why having a signature scent in one of the most important things to possess.

Three of my favorite fragrance debuts this Summer are Glowing by J. Lo–with it’s light up cylinder around the atomizer canister, L’Eau de Chloe and it’s essence of class…along with Roberto Cavalli and it’s saucy sex-appeal that only the fashion house could embody. You can tell the world of a woman by her choice in fragrance, coy or cute, sweet or demure, flowers or spice and love or lust.

The following fragrances and their characteristics should help you decide which one/s suit you:

Glowing by J. Lo:

This fragrance screams uber feminine and inner radiance from within. It’s Floral Woody Amber scent embodies the aura of a modern woman forward thinking woman. The bottle was inspired by the beauty and the lines of Baccarat crystal, when the atomizer is pressed, the bottle beautifully illuminates for 15 seconds.

L’Eau de Chloe

The jet-set city-chic woman who love’s a random bouquet of Roses from a endearing admirer is the Chloe gal. Instantly recognized by her sophisticated rose scent, this new Chloe interpretation is revealed with a soft green hue which echoes the freshness of the clean fragrance.

Roberto Cavalli

So, you want to be noticed? Don’t we all– whip out your feline grace and a unstoppable sexy energy. Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Cavalli’s golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger-print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s emblematic animal prints.

I’m not one for day-to-night fragrances, per se–but if you really want to take these up a notch layer either the J. Lo or the L’Eau de Chloe with Roberto Cavalli’s saucy scent for date time. Who’s to say what your signature scent should be, only your body chemistry nose and your love for all that is well fragranced can discern. Enjoy the fun of deciding how to concoct your one signature smell.

* Fragrances were provided for review