Could Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Give You The Complexion of a Supermodel?

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Could Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Give You The Complexion of a Supermodel?

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Sjl Skincare

Photos Courtesy of Sjl Skincare

Skincare with a blend of gold, natural ingredients and luxurious gemstones seem to be one of the trendiest things in beauty—but are all those precious stones and metals really making any difference in your complexion? Kristin Petrovich of Själ Skincare spent some time with us explaining the ins and outs of her beauty products, well-being and just what makes those gems in your skincare so worth it.

The mother-daughter team at Själ Skincare, Karen and Kristin Petrovich, have long been fans of skincare and after years of searching for the right regimen decided to create one instead. “I always had a strong interest in Eastern or preventative medicine and my mother and I decided to go start a company to get into beauty because we loved doing that. We were especially passionate about skincare,” Petrovich explains. They wanted a simple routine that focused on a few key, multi-tasking products rather than a slew of confusing, time-wasting (and space-consuming) items. They believed with the right ingredients from both Western and Eastern medicine they could create a line that would be perfect for today’s women—simple, straightforward and effective. “Multitasking, nutritionally complete—we wanted something lifestyle-result oriented, but also with our own personal philosophy of Eastern and Western—more of an integrated concept,” she said.

 Sjl Skincare

Consulting with experts in each field, the founding duo combined the best of holistic medicine and biochemistry into a skincare line consisting of only nine products—yes, you read correctly—only nine. The focus of the brand is to improve upon what they’ve created, to make the perfect skincare. “It’s very streamlined for as long as it’s been around and we do continue to update our existing products, so it’s not just about launching a new [product] every other year. It’s really about perfecting the ones that we have or re-looking at them or repositioning them—making sure that they’re current with everything that’s going on today—from looking at different kinds of degenerative aging diseases to environmental concerns to aging concerns and pushing the limits as much as possible,” Petrovich explained.

sjal skincare

While it might seem like a pipe dream for a skincare line, Petrovich assures us that that is the goal they set out to achieve—to better the skin, body and even the mind. She recalls when she was a young woman in New York working in the fashion industry. The stress and pressure caught up to her and after seeing numerous healers, doctors and acupuncturists realized that it was a common problem amongst today’s modern women. “Being overworked and overstretched, pushing yourself way too much—how do you find that balance? How do you start taking care of yourself so you’re not, like, completely falling apart?” she asks. Valid questions—and she’s hoping her holistic skincare will make a positive impact. “You know your skin, you know your body, start making good decisions that feel good for you. This is about you,” she said.

 Sjl Skincare

With such a simplistic skincare system and so few products you might find yourself wondering if it will take care of all your skin concerns. The biotech in conjunction with precious gems and minerals might sound good, but how much can a few stones really help? “Gemstones and minerals can really only that much more enhance the biotech,” she explains. “It’s as simple as having your trace minerals supporting your vitamins or antioxidants. It’s not that much different of a concept, really, if you think about it, but it’s just always the two schools were so separate.”

 Sjl Skincare

Using ingredients from all over the world allows Själ Skincare to bring the best of holistic remedies and biotechnology into one solution. “Most are indigenous, pharmaceutical grade” she says of her ingredient lists. “Some are organic when we can do it—the biotech is primarily from Europe, some is from Japan. Stones like blue sapphire would be from Burma…” As she began to list off stones, minerals and gems she explained what exactly their purpose was—and surprise—it isn’t just to make them sound fancy. “An amethyst that’s typically known for rebalancing energy is considered to have more of a healing aspect to it. Diamond is considered a master stone—people tend to use it more for a brightening aspect or clarity or anti-aging. Rose quartz—people use that for calming.”

Suddenly, oils with diamonds, masks with amethysts and serums with copper seem less of a luxury and more of a necessity. “Precious minerals, things like gold, silver, platinum… they’re natural antimicrobials, natural antibacterial, copper and silver are still used today in hospitals to treat burn victims so they’re wound healing. They’re also catalysts for your antioxidants and vitamins,” she explains.

 Sjl Skincare

And all those minerals and gems have more than just a direct effect. “It starts off as simple as saying that precious minerals and gemstones actually physically vibrate at a higher frequency—and what that means is all matter on the planet has an energy,” she explains. While it’s all starting to sound a lot more scientific than we’d like to deal with in our beauty routine, she assures us it’s chock-full of good-for-you benefits. With the high frequency vibrations on our skin, we absorb some of that positive energy. “The gemstones themselves actually help to work on microcirculation and clarity so they do give the skin a glow or luminosity,” she adds.

Sjl Skincare

While Själ can’t promise a total change in skin and health, they’re moving beauty in the right direction, incorporating wellness and traditional medicines to care for your body. The products that they do have, though few, are meant to improve not only your skin, but also your well-being. “We’ve spent the last 12 years developing nine products and we’re only tweaking them, adjusting them and bettering them, but making sure that every product is beneficial and worthwhile,” Petrovich says.

Själ Skincare is available online at Själ and priced from $70-$255.

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Grace Barcelos Owen: Model student

Former model Grace Barcelos Owen. Photo / Michael Craig
Former model Grace Barcelos Owen. Photo / Michael Craig
Her role as top model has allowed Grace Barcelos Owen to achieve a long-held dream, writes Rachel Grunwell

Grace Barcelos Owen’s face will be well-known to many even if her name is not. The Auckland-based top model has appeared in television commercials, magazine spreads and on billboards for high-end fashion publications and advertising clients such as Farmers and now as the face of skincare brand Evolu. For the past seven years she has also been working towards a new career as a psychologist and is set to graduate early next year. Her story is inspiring.

Barcelos Owen’s life as a model began like a scene from a movie. When she was 19, a Kiwi model scout spotted Barcelos Owen in a mall in Brazil, and asked if she’d consider moving to New Zealand to model.

Barcelos Owen admits she was a bit cynical about the offer, and the industry at first, but she loved fashion and travelling and decided to give it a go, arriving in New Zealand in 2001. Initially she found modelling tough. She was inexperienced and had to learn how to handle rejection and to rationalise that clients wanted a certain look for jobs and not to take it personally when she didn’t fit a brief.

She also had to master the English language. But over time Grace became highly sought-after and began travelling the world, wearing exclusive labels such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo and Swarovski, as well as New Zealand designer labels.

62 Models agent Andrea Plowright says Barcelos Owen has the rare ability to pull off lots of looks including commercial, high fashion, girl-next-door through to sophisticated sexy. “She can sell to the masses”. But she’s got personality, too, and clients “love her”.

Barcelos Owen grew to love modelling and describes it as “a very rich life experience”.

She loves the beautiful clothes, but more so working with “creative talents”, who are often from different cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages, have different values and beliefs and have interesting life stories to share.

But deep down, this cover girl had a long-held dream to become a therapist and to help others. She was inspired to do this from age 17 when she saw a therapist to help her cope with her parents’ separation. This woman remains a beloved friend, mentor and someone whom Barcelos Owen admires.

But it was not until after five years’ modelling full-time that she followed her heart.

“One day, after being in Europe modelling for a few months, I came back to New Zealand and decided that it was time to start walking the path that was going to lead me to achieve what I wanted, so I enrolled in a BA (extended major in psychology),” she says.

It was an “easy” decision – “I knew what I wanted” – but studying and juggling part-time modelling was not easy. She struggled at first with the written English language, even though her listening and speaking skills were good.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I also knew that no one else was going to be able to achieve my dream for me. So I worked hard … really hard … and every time I became overwhelmed I reminded myself that this was my choice, this was a part of this journey and tried to see the positive side of things as, how lucky am I that I am learning another language while studying something that I really enjoyed.”

Friends and family helped. They gave encouragement, made her cups of tea or the odd meal and sent texts of support around exam times. Sometimes fellow students recorded classes for her so she could listen to them later (often while having her hair and makeup done on photo shoots). Or they offered to proofread assignments or kindly drop her voice-recorder to her at university if she’d been held up working. And when her exams were close, she had to sometimes turn down work in exotic and exciting locations because her priority was to pass exams. At times her modelling agents rescheduled work if she was struggling to finish assignments.

“Having the support of the people who love you and believe in your potential is crucial,” she says. “I certainly would not be where I am now without that support. Every little bit of help made a difference.”

“When you are in a long journey like mine (six to seven years studying to see the end result), it felt like sometimes faith would disappear on me when I most needed it. But when it happened, I always took the opportunity to check with myself where I was at, what I wanted, what had made me lose faith in myself, and where and how I was going to be able to find balance again. It was like those moments existed so I could learn more about myself and to re-focus.

“As a result, I think I have become less anxious, developed a greater sense of self and have learned how to take baby steps, day by day.”

One of the toughest times to stay on track with her studies was when her husband died suddenly last year. Craig Owen was a fashion and advertising photographer who worked with the likes of Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr and Anna Paquin. He was remembered at his funeral as a man of great talent, depth and soul.

She describes the incredible sadness.”My husband’s passing away last year turned my life upside down. All of a sudden my dream was surrounded by turmoil …

“But there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could have done to change the situation apart from embracing the love from my friends and family and to refocus on my work and studies. This brought back some structure and routine into my life and gave me the strength to continue with my journey,” says Barcelos Owen.

Barcelos Owen has completed a BA, Postgraduate Diploma in Science, a Masters of Science in Health Psychology and currently she is completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology. She’s working as an intern psychologist and in on-track to be fully qualified by March. She’s helped people dealing with autism, addictions, health-related and relationship issues.

“I feel that I have made the best decision ever as I absolutely love what I do,” she says.

Barcelos Owen feels honoured to be trusted by these clients and she endeavours to help them in a non-judgmental, open, respectful and understanding way.

She believes modelling and counselling have common ground. Both are about helping people to feel good. Modelling does this through clothes and fashion and she believes this can genuinely lift a person’s mood; while therapy helps through thoughtful words and insight.

Barcelos Owen says she is lucky to be able to continue both passions, working full-time as a therapist and modelling part-time. When she graduates next year it will be her hardest-fought triumph.

As she takes to the stage to graduate, her mother’s words to her as a child will be remembered. “What comes easily, goes away easily. You must work hard and be focused, Grace, otherwise things will not have the same value in life.”

Barcelos Owen says this quote made her appreciate the time and energy needed for things “and how much satisfaction and pride we can achieve when we begin to realise that all the hard work is coming alive. And how powerful, exciting, special, meaningful, and magical it is when we start seeing our dreams come true. There are no words to express how this makes me feel”.

Grace Barcelos Owen shares her tips for success.
Grace Barcelos Owen shares her tips for success.

Goal-setting tips:

• Be specific – ask what do I want to accomplish?

• Make sure your goal is realistic and relevant.

• Be aware that one of the biggest obstacles is usually ourselves.

• Plan time frames and set small steps along the way. “I used to get overwhelmed if I thought about the number of years I had ahead of me. Thus, to help me with that, I set my goals focusing on day-to-day basis and tried not to look too far”.

• Learn how to prioritise, plus manage stress, what triggers it and what helps to alleviate it. Cooking helps Barcelos Owen.

• Take care of yourself. Plan walks, baths, massages. Barcelos Owen loves yoga and mediation.

• Do what makes you happy. Research shows happy people are likely to be successful.

• Accept that some things are out of your control and all you can do is your best.

• Realise dreams can be hard to reach, but are worth the effort.

Herald on Sunday

H. Stern's New Iris Collection Inspired by Grecian Goddess of the Sea

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Fashion > Jewelry & Watches > H. Stern’s New Iris Collection Inspired by Grecian Goddess of the Sea

H. Stern’s New Iris Collection Inspired by Grecian Goddess of the Sea

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H. STern Iris Collection

Photos Courtesy of H. Stern

For decades

H. Stern

jewelry has been making its mark on the world through iconic shapes and the use of Brazilian gemstones. His designs have been collected and praised the world over for their vision, quality and use of Noble gold. Their new series, the Iris collection is a perfect tribute to the quality of their jewelry. The collection is inspired by the beauty of sea creatures whose abstract designs can be seen in their bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

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Chloé RTW Spring 2014: Beautiful Femininity Meets Project Runway

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Chlo RTW Spring 2014: Beautiful Femininity Meets Project Runway

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Chlo RTW during Paris Fashion Week

Photos Courtesy of Chlo

I dont know a single woman who doesnt love


. The brand is known for their beautiful feminine pieces that always have a fun twist on lady-like basics. The Spring 2014 collection shown this weekend during Paris Fashion Week, was a little classic Chlo and a little Project Runway. (Not in a good way.) It is all about layers, balance, underlying sensuality and making it work.

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Madstone Jewelry is Brimming with Bugs and Bubbly

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Fashion > Jewelry & Watches > Madstone Jewelry is Brimming with Bugs and Bubbly

Madstone Jewelry is Brimming with Bugs and Bubbly

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Photos Courtesy of Madstone

When youre looking for jewelry that borders on statement pieces and refinement, its hard to draw a line between personal style and whats in fashion. Kerri Halpern didnt need to draw a line; she went ahead and started her own design house.


is Halperns own creation born of the need to find pieces that were in line with her own aesthetic. Wearing nothing but monochromatic black ensembles, she created her collections with the knowledge that they needed to pop.

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Amarté Heart & Seoul Collection: Korean Skin Care Comes to America

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Fashion > Health & Beauty > Amart Heart & Seoul Collection: Korean Skin Care Comes to America

Amart Heart & Seoul Collection: Korean Skin Care Comes to America

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Photos Courtesy of Amart Skin Care

Amart Skin Care

began as a love story. It starts with a man and a woman, Dr. Craig Kraffert, founder of Dermstore, and his wife. Like most juicy love stories, conflict can often occur. And renowned board certified dermotologist Craig Kraffert faced one: The inability to appease his Korean wife’s desire for dermatological products that also offered the luxurious feel, scent and packaging that she became accustomed to in Seoul, beauty product capital of the world.

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The Most Expensive Makeup Brushes Money Can Buy

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Fashion > Health & Beauty > The Most Expensive Makeup Brushes Money Can Buy

The Most Expensive Makeup Brushes Money Can Buy

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Photo Courtesy of Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Luxury beauty mavens know what they like and where they want to spend their money. Some choose to splurge on lip stains while others swear by top-label mascara tubes. But one product that is commonly overlooked is the actual tools youre using to apply your makeup. Since they get a lot of wear and tear, many women figure that investing in an expensive makeup brush simply isnt worth it; but the truth is that the most expensive brushes are often made of the finest materials and when cared for properly and regularly cleansed, these tools can last for years even a decade. Here, weve rounded up a list of the most expensive makeup brushes to prove to you that shelling out for higher quality really is worth it.

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