Festival fashion round-up: 6 top trends

Sure, the music takes center stage, but we’ve been enjoying the sartorial sideshows quite a bit as well. Just when we thought that festival fashion was a parade of denim cut-offs and flower crowns, we came across the eclectic, creative, and compelling trends. This collection of Kiwi street style is like music to our eyes.

Pick a print

Prints are a great way to inject interest in to your festival attire. The more adventurous go bright and go hard. Print on print, matched or mis-matched, anything goes, but this summer it was pineapples all the way. (Other fruits also featured, but, the spikey tropical delight reigned supreme.)

We have no idea exactly who started the pineapple print trend – whether it was inspired by Prada’s SS11 fruit prints and trickled down or not (let’s face it, almost every trend begins with Prada so it probably did).

But, it’s like one day everyone in New Zealand decided it would be a good idea to chuck the fruit onto some fabric. Stolen Girlfriends Club have the most recognisable pineapple print available to date, but the high street stores have also given it a go.

Get onto it immediately because our predictions are the trend ends as this festival season does.


Stolen Girlfriends Club has a tonne of pineapple print in their current collection and it’s also available at cheaper chain stores – Glassons has a more subtle black and white print pineapple short.
Franks make colourful pineapple print swim shorts for the boys.

Perfect party shoe

Doc Martens

If one tries to think of a brand of shoe spotted on all the festival folk, Doc Martens has got to be it. It’s a classic – erring on the ‘rock’ end of the musical spectrum, but also found on hipsters and prepsters alike. There’s a style for everyone, they’ve been around for several years and they’re widely available, which makes it an easy brand to adopt.

Festival-wise, it’s the perfect shoe. Making your way through crowds of people would usually mean stubbed, stood on toes, but when you’ve got a solid pair of boots on your feet, life is a breeze. There’s also the added ‘indie/cool’ factor of being seen in them. The only downfall is the break-in period. Blisters are the death of a festie-goer, make sure they’re well worn in.


Doc Martens are stocked at Platypus stores in New Zealand

Floral halos everywhere

Flower Crowns

We thought flower crowns at music festivals might have had their hey day a year or two ago, but by what we’ve seen this summer, it seems they’re still going strong. I mean, you can understand why people don them – they’re just the complete representation of youth and freedom and femininity, those colourful flowers dancing above your head whilst swaying to the music, carefree and easy.

Practicality-wise, flower crowns serve very little purpose at a music festival, but we’re talking about fashion trends here, baby, and that halo of flora and fauna is pretty. (And of course by association, you become pretty/prettier, right?) They’re also easy and cheap to make, so almost every one is unique. Like an artwork along ones hairline. Or something.


This is more of a DIY effort see a good ‘how to’, but if you’re lazy like us, we have been informed that you can purchase them at a stall at the Silo Markets on Friday nights , or there’s a large variety of styles to purchase on Etsy.

The wide brimmed fedora


A hat is
n’t necessarily a fashion trend at an outdoor summer music festival – it’s a necessity, especially in the burning, burning New Zealand sun. We spotted a lot of caps this year, as to be expected, but in a surprise turn of events there was a drop in quantity of straw fedoras and wide brimmed hats seen, only to be replaced with same style in wool.

On the one hand, a wool fedora/wide-brimmed hat seems like a good thing at a festival – it gives you the requisite face shade, a hat always seems to make you look ‘finished’, and it’s easy to hide under. On the other hand, it’s bloody wool in the middle of bloody summer. A lot of people would have been sweltering at this year’s Laneway festival. But you know what they say – beauty is pain.


Lack of color
Brixton, stocked at Good as Gold

Sport lux


I’m not quite sure about this whole Sport Lux thing. I mean I love it, but I’m also skeptical because I feel like it’s just a way to wear comfy sweats out of the gym and still be considered cool. Either way, it’s a thing right now and we might as well embrace it. Sports classic Nike is pretty much leading the way at festivals as far as I can see. New Balance trainers are doing their thing, but Nike runners are obviously the most popular right now.

The benefits of wearing an ‘athletic shoe’ at a music festival are countless, but mostly involve the comfort level the wearer receives. When you think about it, a festival involves a lot of walking around, standing for long periods, and dancing. A shoe built for a marathon is the best thing you could choose to wear. Grab the tick of approval and run with it.


Nike stores
Rebel Sports
Area 51 stores

Everyone’s favourite shades

Karen Walker

If there’s a fashionable festival eyewear brand of choice, it’s got to be Karen Walker (or Karen Walker knock offs) for the girls – and not just the ex-private schoolers. (I’ve seen a lot of Ray-Bans for the boys.) It’s safe to say that the New Zealand designer is cleaning up in the sunglass department, with the trademark arrow logotype on the arms of most young females shades across both Laneway and Big Day Out. Karen Walker has really nailed it with the variety in her collections – from the tamer twists on classics (oversized black frames, extra pumped up tortoiseshell on a more ‘standard’ frame) to all out with coloured lenses, big and bold shapes and unexpected colours. There’s something for everyone.

Buy them at Karen Walker stores or online

– Infographic created by Claudia Ruiz.

The Fashion World’s Best of Everything: A Look Back at 2013

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The Fashion World’s Best of Everything: A Look Back at 2013

Jan. 2nd, 2014 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment

Kate Middleton, Lara Stone and Kate Upton

Credit: The Duchess of Cambridge, Shutterstock & Vogue

We’ll confess: creating this list is a lot harder than it seems. Seriously how can you choose between Lara Stone and Cara Delevingne? While it would have been easier to flip a coin, we dug our sparkly heels in and stuck it out—choosing between favorites, tossing aside a few ideas only to drag them back in and then fling them out once more. We laughed, we cried, we had moments of nostalgia, moments of wow-what were-they-thinking and moments of awe. While we’re sad to see it go, we can’t wait for what this new year has in store, so to wave the year goodbye we curated the best fashion moments of 2013.

kate upton

Best Magazine Cover: Kate Upton on Vogue

We love Kate Upton, so while that should be reason enough to make her our number one, she had some serious contenders. The reason we chose the gorgeous blonde (aside from the fact that she also posed on the cover of Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated this year—both beautiful) was the controversy this Vogue cover seemed to cause. She’s too curvy? Too voluptuous? When did these become bad things? It even prompted Anna Wintour to come to Upton’s defense. Anything that gets us thinking and allows us to have real discussions about positive body imagery is a win for us.

Kate Middleton Prince George

Favorite Style Icon: Kate Middleton

Kate is the style icon in the JustLuxe offices. From sartorial wedding perfection (yes, we know that was so 2011) to styling around her baby bump, she always looks fantastic. Besides how great did she looking walking out of that hospital with Prince George the day after giving birth? We literally counted down the days, hours, minutes, seconds—milliseconds, if there is such a thing—with bated breath until he was born, and then immediately started planning outfits for him. Can you blame us? His mom is such a fashion maven we’re sure the little prince will be one adorable lady-killer. We can’t wait to see what this next year will bring for the happy royal family.

Prada Candy

Best Beauty Campaign: Prada Candy x Wes Anderson

As much as we love sulking men who give you that smoldering stare just a little too long, we had to choose something fun and artsy for our favorite beauty campaign. We loved the Prada x Wes Anderson videos that we’ve been treated to all year; they’re like mini fashion movies. But our favorites by far were the Prada Candy episodes. Who wouldn’t want to be so adorable that hot French men are competing for your affection? Anyone? They bring you double-vanilla-chocolate-almond-cream birthday cake, for goodness sake! And everything is in pink. How badly do we want to live in Candy’s world?

saint laurent

Best Fashion Campaign: Saint Laurent

Okay Hedi, you win this one. We’re not too keen on that fact that you dropped the Yves from Saint Laurent, but what can you do? We’ll take it with a grain of salt and hope for the best—and these campaigns were indeed the best. The Saint Laurent Music Project ads featured edgy rockers like Daft Punk, Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love. We get it, you’re making a statement, and we actually think it’s pretty cool. The chic black and white with the rebellious rock ’n’ roll vibe—definitely perfect for a darker, new Saint Laurent.

Moschino Runway 2014

Favorite Runway Show: Moschino Spring/Summer 2014

After trying to find a clever way to sneak our top three favorite shows into this one slot, we realized it couldn’t be done. It had to be about the show and less about the collection, but it didn’t stop us from hours of internal conflict and wresting with our emotions. In the end the Moschino fashion show won (with Louis Vuitton in a close second!), but it really was a spectacle. Dancing, singing, a full on encore—you can’t really beat that. There were girls jumping around in shopping bags, boogieing with loaves of bread and balancing teddy bears on their heads. The best collection? Not really. The best show? OMG yes.

Isabel Marant for H&M

Best Designer Collaboration: Isabel Marant for H&M

There were so many collaborations this year it wasn’t even funny. Seriously, we’re not laughing. We loved the Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen scarf collaboration (we’ll take one in every design please), but this year what really took the cake was the lower-end brands that teamed up with high-end designers. Think L’Wren Scott & Banana Republic, Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target and Isabel Marant for H&M. And while we’re not big Target shoppers (except for the occasional tube of toothpaste), some of the designs were amazing. We’re going to have to give this one to Isabel Marant for H&M just for the sheer amount of insanity it caused. Seriously, it wasn’t even Black Friday and women were lined up at the mall the night before. Wow.

Favorite Model: Lara Stone

Yes, we love Cara, we do, but we see her everywhere and sometimes it’s just a little too much—just a tad. After having a baby earlier this year (and still looking gorgeous by the way), gracing international magazine covers, making Forbes highest paid models list and being named the new face of L’Oréal, Lara is having a super fantastic year. And after such a bumpy rise to the top it’s good to see the Dutch model having the time of her life. There’s something to be said for the underdog and we can’t help but root for her.


Photos Courtesy of Carven

Favorite New Designer Men’s: Carven

Sure, the brand is over 50 years old, but it’s been seriously revitalized in the last few years by creative director Guillaume Henry. His first men’s collection with Carven was Summer of 2012, but over 2013 it’s been thriving tremendously and we can’t wait to see what this designer has in store for men’s fashion. We’re big fans of the gorgeous shapes and classical cuts in the women’s line, and so far we’re loving the colors, layering and varying lengths that we’re seeing in men’s. Plus, they have some of the hunkiest models ever in their campaigns.

joker's closet

Photos Courtesy of Joker’s Closet

Favorite New Designer Women’s: Joker’s Closet

Okay, this one was pretty hard, but in the end we are always going to side with the brand that lets us design our own shoes. Besides, Joker’s Closet started this year and are already collaborating with designers and showing for Paris Fashion Week. They are totally doing something right. Available in flats, heels and wedges there are lots of colors to choose from, without any strange floral patterns or bow accessories. Everything is pretty trend-on without coming in sky-high stilettos or ridiculous heels we can’t walk in. They’re fun, functional and super-stylish shoes. We’ll take three.

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From Around the Web


Finding the best in luxury can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve taken it on for you.

Fashion: The last daze of disco

The high-octane style of the late 70s and early 80s prevails this season as model Crystal Liu pays tribute to the doyennes of excess – exotic beauties such as Bianca Jagger, Marisa Berenson, Grace Jones, Pat Cleveland and Tina Chow. Too much of a good thing was never enough and being the last one at the party (Studio 54, of course) was never a fashion faux pas. Excess at its best, this is the power of glamour.


As a mother of two, Crystal is always on the go. Here with 5-month-old son Daniel, she wears a Prada leather coat with chinchilla fur sleeves, $18,610, and a Prada gingham skirt, $2630, Loewe handbag, $3620, Emporio Armani watch, $907, from DFS Galleria. Swarovski by Sharouk drop earrings, $860, and an elegant Swarovski by Sharouk square-cut ring, $305, complete this look of luxe.


Crystal wears a Gucci jaguar print silk chiffon crossover gown, $8530 and a Gucci wide leather belt, $640. Photo / Mara Sommer
Crystal wears a Gucci jaguar print silk chiffon crossover gown, $8530 and a Gucci wide leather belt, $640. Photo / Mara Sommer

A printed Italian silk blouse in a kaleidoscope of colours by Jane Daniels, $749, works best with a block colour pant, such as these Gregory flared pants in red, $269.

Take a style tip from the inimitable Diana Vreeland and pile on gold bracelets and bangles over the sleeves. Christian Dior pearl and gold bangle, $580. Diva gold cuff, $19.99, gold chain bracelet, $10.99, gold bangle, $16.99 (set of three), spike drop earrings, $14.99, oversized ring, $16.99, and gold mesh necklace, $22.99. Salvatore Ferragamo quilted purse with gold chain strap, $2010, from DFS Galleria. Red Hawk chair, $735, by Simon James from Simon James Design.


A jolt of bright orange is the perfect way to get the party started. Miuccia Prada’s typically frivolous exploration of the Miu Miu woman was again seen in their autumn/winter 2013 collection. Here, Crystal wears Miu Miu Look 13: a padded coat, $3680, pleated skirt, $1970, belt, $260, taffeta scarf, $330, stockings, $260 and heels, $1258. A clashing Christian Dior “Diorling” handbag in pink, $4100, works well, with its supple grained calfskin, magnetic clasp, and chic chain strap.

Take a look at all of Crystal Liu’s looks here:


Crystal wears a Gucci jaguar print silk chiffon crossover gown, $8530 and a Gucci wide leather belt, $640. For added drama, try Natalie Chan’s feather boa, $300 and some serious shine with Swarovski by Sharouk drop earrings, $860, and matching brooch, $305. Mi Piaci gold metallic heels, $280.

M.A.C makeup artist Kiekie Stanners has created an alluring look using the new M.A.C x Antonio Lopez collection, inspired by the iconic illustrator whose work was prolific during the late 70s and early 80s. In keeping with the disco era theme, the collection’s colour scheme is vibrant and saturated, with fuchsias, purples and even an electric blue.

“The collection is symbolic of a time when indulgence was at its peak . There was a magic to his world and a time in history that hasn’t been recaptured; I think people are lusting after that glamour, which is difficult to come by today.”


Cocktail hour demands attention to the dress code. Jackson cuts a dapper figure in this Crane Brothers made-to-measure navy dinner suit, $2295, white dinner shirt, $495, silk bow tie, $69, and onyx cufflinks, $295. Crystal wears Paula Ryan top, $195 and embellished beret, $195. Feather boa by Natalie Chan, $199 and crystal on cashmere felt necklace, $650. Pasquale Bruni earrings from the exquisite Mandala collection, $16,500, and matching bracelet, $30,200, from Hartfield. Flat-top dome ring of six citrines and claw-set purple sapphires, $7450, from Partridge Jewellers.


Crystal’s relaxed glamour is realised in this luxurious 100 per cent pure silk satin pyjama set by For Every Minute. Pyjama shirt, $289, pants, $279 and robe, $649. Nude platform heels, $170. Swarovski cocktail ring, $595, earrings, $305, and pendant, $245. Swarovski by Sharouk square-cut ring, $305. Diva diamante rose ring, $19.99. Simon James Heidi stool, $1305, from Simon James Design.


Crystal wears a Gucci jaguar print silk chiffon crossover gown, $8530 and a Gucci wide leather belt, $640. Photo / Mara Sommer
Crystal wears a Gucci jaguar print silk chiffon crossover gown, $8530 and a Gucci wide leather belt, $640. Photo / Mara Sommer

Crystal wears a vintage orange gown donated by Zora Price to the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s new exhibition, The Age of Aquarius – a 70s retrospective running from September 14 to October 13, celebrating the influence of fashions from the 1970s. Swarovski drop earrings, $245. Jackson wears a complementary Crane Brothers made-to-measure pinstripe suit, $2195, white dinner shirt, $495, and silk bow tie, $69.


As New Zealand’s number one selling fragrance, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent evokes a sense of old-school glamour. Available as an eau de toilette 50ml, $169; 90ml, $245; and an eau de parfum 50ml, $192. Crystal wears a dramatic Shen kimono maxi dress in red, $379, accented by a sleek gold cuff from Diva, $19.99.

Stockists: Christian Dior (09) 356 6920, Crane Brothers (09) 377 5333, DFS Galleria (09) 308 0700, Diva, For Every Minute, Gregory, Gucci (09) 368 1138, Hartfield (09) 373 2472, Jane Daniels, Mi Piaci, Miu Miu +61 2 9 235 1272, Natalie Chan (09) 303 4930, Nude (09) 368 1981, Partridge Jewellers (09) 309 8925, Paula Ryan, Prada +61 2 9 223 1688, Shen, Simon James Design,
Swarovski (09) 379 0490.

By Dan Ahwa Email Dan

Did I Miss Something? Waking Up From the Madness, Edith A. Miller the Encore!

Edith A Miller 785x327 Did I Miss Something? Waking Up From the Madness, Edith A. Miller the Encore!
Please, Please, Please tell me if I slept through the grande finale. Not only did Edith A. Miller (we get a commission if you buy, FTC disclosure) emerge as Robert P. Miller’s imaginary kid sister (whom they named Edith because they like it’s antique sound), according to Fast Company, but apparently the company is a re-surged version of early 19–’s white tee company, Yep?!?

They go on to say the “91-year-old Pennsylvania maker of white undershirts. That should sound like a typical American success story, but it’s not: It’s the product of a globalized economy, where no good idea is geographically bound.

Please define, and I quote: “product of a globalized economy” and albeit “should sound like a typical American success story, but it’s not.” Question: Is this a sociological joke, or even worse a sponsored post? Answer: If so, I demand an immediate debriefing, as in yesterday!!!

Our sources have mentioned recent spotting of the collection on Popeye’s wife Olive Oyl, the horizontal stripes and touching story gave her the curves and courage to finally wear something that showed her true personality and allowed her to flex her signature style.

*Note, Fast Company has also been known to exclaim the devil’s wearing of J.Crew, so we aren’t quite sure about our sources, considering the bias and our doubt that the devil wears both Prada and J.Crew. Until then, we’ll be painting our son’s toenails and fact checking until completion.
olive oyl stripes 785x489 Did I Miss Something? Waking Up From the Madness, Edith A. Miller the Encore!

Done Talking

Ashley Greene and Jessica Stam ; ;

more photos

Last night’s Costume Institute Gala offered plenty to marvel at, but it wasn’t the red-carpet fashion or the Schiaparelli and Prada dresses encased in glass that had Karolina Kurkova buzzing at the Crown after-party: “I loved the cookies!” the model told as she made her entrance with Rachel Zoe. “There were a lot of amazing things—Bruno Mars!—but those cookies were really good.”

The crooner’s performance back at the Met’s Temple of Dendur had everyone on their feet. “People were grooving out pretty hard,” said Jonathan Tisch, who added that his personal highlight was “saying hi to Tom Brady, and that’s a lot coming from me.” (Tisch, for the fashion types reading this, is a co-owner of the New York Giants.) There was no sign of Brady at Crown, but there were other sports stars in the mix, including Alex Rodriguez and basketball player Tyson Chandler—both of whom gave the model set a run for its money in the height department. “Wow, I bet she could make a few slam dunks,” said a cocktail waiter when Chanel Iman strolled in.

By 1 a.m., the party was winding down, with some in the crowd moving on to the Prada-sponsored bashes at the Fletcher-Sinclair mansion and at the Top of the Standard. “I am going to the Prada after-party at Boom Boom after I change,” said Kurkova, whose sparkling Rachel Zoe column gown and matching headpiece was one of the more opulent looks of the night. “I’m wearing all black. The turban is coming off, hair is coming down, everything is coming off.”

Spiked Punch

Style Hunter

Will You Keep It Surreal This Season?

April 19, 2012 9:21 am

With Impossible Conversations, the Schiaparelli/Prada Costume Institute exhibit fast approaching, perhaps it’s no surprise that surrealism has again found its way into fashion’s collective (un)conscious. Elsa Schiaparelli famously collaborated with the likes of Salvador Dalí, and Miuccia Prada has done more for the cause of surreal style than anyone since. And there were more than a few designs on the Fall runways that echoed the theme.

At Lanvin, Alber Elbaz and Elie Top nodded at artists like Man Ray and Joan Miró with playful costume jewelry such as crystal eye brooches and a chain belt with plastic lips. Diane von Furstenberg referenced the movement, too, with interlocking hands on a body-hugging dress. Some designs, like Mary Katrantzou’s digitally printed labyrinth gown, made the surreal wearable, and some, like Stephen Jones’ spiny headpieces for Giles (left), seemed destined to stay on the runway—or perhaps, one day, the museum gallery.

CLICK FOR A SLIDESHOW, and let us know if you’ll be keeping it surreal this season.

—Brittany Adams

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

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