Looting Luxury: Paris Fashion Week Attendees Ransack Chanel Runway

Chanel runway show

Photo Courtesy of Chanel

Running through a Chanel show grabbing everything you can carry—sounds like the dream, right? Well for guests of yesterday’s Chanel’s Fall 2014 runway show it was a short-lived moment of beautiful reality. After the runway finale an announcement came over the sound system: “Dear valued customer, the Chanel store is now closing. Please feel free to pick up your complimentary fruit and vegetables as you leave.” In a room full of models, photographers, celebrities and distinguished members of the press, who would believe that as innocent little offer of fresh snacks would turn into a full blown looting spree? Women (and men) were tearing apart the set, grabbing up props that included doormats and brooms, and stuffing their quilted bags with pretty much anything they could carry—so chic, ladies.

Unfortunately for the would-be thieves, security was posted at the exits, confiscating everything that wasn’t fresh produce. Either the announcement wasn’t specific enough to let attendees know it wasn’t a free-for-all or the idea of having their very own Chanel-double-c’s emblazoned doormat was just too tempting. Reportedly, no one was allowed to leave the venue with any of the designer props, but apparently that didn’t stop everyone as one fashion week goer was later spotted with her brand new, free, Chanel doormat.

men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy Saint Laurent, Thomas Pink, Canali

With Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2014 wrapping up just a few days ago, we thought we’d take a quick look back at what made all those men so undeniably stylish—because we know it couldn’t have been just their good looks. Trends like man bags, rock-star leather jackets and lush velvet came down the runway in pretty wearable ways—perfect for outfitting your wardrobe come fall. And even if you’re not the kind of guy who likes to follow style guidelines (you rebel, you), chances are you’ll find a trend here that you’ll be tempted to try.

 men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy Valentino, Lou Dalton, Ermenegildo Zenga

Oversized Proportions

All over the runway men were dressed in pieces that easily looked two sizes too big; the tops were full, while pants were too long, but the tailoring kept everything looking sleek. It was awful and fantastic at the same time. Sure, no guy wants to run around looking like a slob that doesn’t know how to dress himself, but some of these pieces had that casual style down. Inspired by what we can only assume were pajamas, most of these looks couldn’t be worn in the office, but watch out when the weekend hits.

 men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy Hackett London, Crombie, Thomas Pink

Three Piece Suits

Why hello there you dashing young man! We are loving that pulled together elegance that only a three piece suit can give. And even if there wasn’t a vest under every blazer, cardigans were buttoned underneath to mimic the look of one. It was casual, but pulled together, and gave us a half-pause where we wondered if those male models were actually that hot or our eyes were just deceiving us. Plus the magic of a three piece suit, even a faux one, is you can wear it without having to do much else—people with think that scruffy look is just part of your style.

 men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy Kent and Curwen, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo

Giant Bags

No, not like suitcases or briefcases—actual man bags. We don’t mind the idea of you guys carrying around a purse of your own (murse, tote—whatever you want to call it to make it more masculine) since we know you have more than a wallet to take with you. Plus we’ve got to admit it looks pretty sleek—to pull off this look in real life find something a little smaller and more structured. The monstrous carpet bags some of these boys were lugging down the runway might be a touch overkill.

 men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy J.W. Anderson, Oliver Spencer, YMC

Color Splashes

What’s grey and navy and black all over? A men’s runway show. While the collections this season were as drab as they usually are, there were little splashes of color here and there that gave us hope that the male population wouldn’t fade into a sea of monochromatic neutrals come fall. So when we saw colors playing off the generally accepted uniform of men’s winter wear, we got excited. You can bet you will be getting one colorful sweater come Christmas.

 men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Courtesy Corneliani, A. Sauvage, DAKS


There is nothing more luxe and fun to wear in the cooler seasons than warm velvet. This trend has been hitting both runways and red carpets with a fervor, and we couldn’t love it more. Even when worn from head-to-toe this style looks put together and well-bred, giving you a way to wear a trend to its fullest potential. Sure you could just go for the jacket or shoes (Tom Ford has velvet sneakers!!!) but wouldn’t you rather go all out?

men's fashion week trends fall 2014

Diesel Black Gold, John Varvatos, Alexander McQueen

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Seriously, every designer must have had the music on full blast when they designed these collections. Punk, classic, goth, ’80s—every spectrum of rock was fully covered and re-imagined for the runway. Designer John Varvatos even went so far as to have a KISS inspired show and had the band walk the runway at the finale—because that, guys, is how you rock in fashion.

Paul Smith Fall 2014: A Blend of Textures and Prints For The Artsy Rocker

 Paul Smith fall 2014 menswear

We love a collection that breaks away from the boring normal suit and coat sets we generally see, but we get that not everyone will be on board with this casual, cool-kid look. Sure it’s for the younger set, but those teeny-bopper rockers aren’t going to dress themselves. Paul Smith walks a fine line between artsy-style and full out disaster, but we kind of love it—plus it’s totally different than all those bright colors we’ve been seeing on his runway over the past few seasons.

Valentino Fall 2014: A Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Collection

Despite the Blue Steel glances from lanky models, the collection was all about understated luxury—the pieces were simple, loose fitting and comfortable, seemingly made for those with a more laid-back attitude when it comes to fashion. Heavy wool coats and jackets in classic cuts came down the runway layered over shirts and sweaters in matching shades. The color on color styling worked in this collection, adding to that casual, I-just-threw-this-on-vibe.

Fashion highlights of 2013

Great fashion moments from 2013. Photo / AP
Great fashion moments from 2013. Photo / AP

It was a year for pixie haircuts, chunky flat shoes, bangs on the US first lady and bare skin … lots of it, on movie actresses and pop stars.

Fashion always has its royalty, and this year, actress Kerry Washington was a queen. For real royalty, we had Kate Middleton, making the rest of us mortals feel a little better by flashing her mommy tummy.

Here’s a look back some of the key fashion moments of 2013:


Michelle Obama made headlines with her bangs. Photo / AP
Michelle Obama made headlines with her bangs. Photo / AP

Nobody would call bangs a new trend, but when the first lady’s involved, things take on more significance. In fact, US President Barack Obama actually called his wife Michelle’s new hairdo the most significant event of his second inauguration. Unveiled just in time for the festivities, the new hairdo made enough news to have its own (unofficial) Twitter account, FirstLady’sBangs, which issued alerts like “Just got a text from Hillary Clinton’s side-part.”


Kerry Washington's beautiful Marchesa gown. Photo / AP
Kerry Washington’s beautiful Marchesa gown. Photo / AP

In the realm where Hollywood meets fashion, Scandal star Kerry Washington is royalty. In the political drama, she plays professional fixer Olivia Pope and is all professional Washington DC. But on the red carpet in 2013, she was glamour personified. Case in point: that Marchesa gown she wore at the Emmys, all cream and white and flower appliques, fit for a queen.


Kate Middleton's iconic polka dot dress. Photo / AP
Kate Middleton’s iconic polka dot dress. Photo / AP

Much has been said about the fashion sense of the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, but in 2013, it was something a bit different that caught our eye. Peeking out under her blue-and-white polka dot dress as she emerged from the hospital post-childbirth was a pronounced “mummy tummy”, a normal development but something most celebrities keep under wraps, until their personal trainers have whipped them back into magazine-cover shape. Thanks, Kate!


Lululemon's Chip Wilson caused scandal over his comments. Photo / Lululemon
Lululemon’s Chip Wilson caused scandal over his comments. Photo / Lululemon

Remember those popular yoga pants that had the unintended effect of being see-through? Well, ladies, turns out the ongoing fabric problems with those pants, including pilling, was YOUR fault. Or rather: the fault of your thighs. Chip Wilson, founder and chairman of Lululemon Athletica, noted in a TV interview: “Frankly, some women’s bodies just actually don’t work” for the pants, because of thighs rubbing against fabric. Now Wilson just actually won’t continue as chairman of Lululemon; the company announced his resignation from the post in December.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Jaimie Alexander's daring dresses. Photo / AP
Gwyneth Paltrow and Jaimie Alexander’s daring dresses. Photo / AP

No thigh-rubbing problem for Gwyneth Paltrow, who was happy to show just how little cellulite she has when she appeared at the Iron Man 3 premiere in a dress with sheer mesh panels on the sides, leaving little of her lower body and, er, posterior to the imagination. But we all nearly forgot about that when we saw actress Jaimie Alexander at the Thor premiere, her black gown expanding the see-through effect to the midriff and upper regions. Let’s just say these actresses are saving money on underwear.


Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton farewell. Photo / Getty Images
Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton farewell. Photo / Getty Images

A Paris runway show full of mournful symbols – and lots of black – was designer Marc Jacobs’ sombre goodbye to Louis Vuitton in October after 16 years in the influential post of creative director. Under Jacobs, who also has his own eponymous brand, Louis Vuitton became the most lucrative fashion house in the world, in part thanks to Jacobs’ creation of a ready-to-wear line. He was replaced by Nicolas Ghesquiere, formerly at Balenciaga.


Naomi Campbell on the runway. Photo / AP
Naomi Campbell on the runway. Photo / AP

Iman and Naomi Campbell are supermodels, but this year they lent themselves to something different: promoting diversity on the runway, by calling out designers whose catwalks were almost completely white. The two women joined modelling agent Bethann Hardison in their Balance Diversity campaign. Explaining their purpose, Iman, now 58, said she was shocked to hear there were fewer black models on the runway than when she stopped modelling in 1989.


Karl Lagerfeld's haute couture brides. Photo / AP
Karl Lagerfeld’s haute couture brides. Photo / AP

The message was unmistakable: at the Karl Lagerfeld haute couture show in Paris, the designer sent not one, but two brides down the runway for the finale. The brides walked hand in hand in their feathery concoctions, a clear vote of support by the designer for France’s gay marriage law. The show came only nine days after hundreds of thousands of people marched in Paris in opposition to the law.


Madonna at Punk: Chaos To Culture. Photo / AP
Madonna at Punk: Chaos To Culture. Photo / AP

Who knew that punk would become high fashion? That development seemed to crystallise in May, when the hallowed halls of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted a new Costume Institute exhibit, Punk: Chaos To Culture, celebrating a movement that embraced anarchy in the 1970s. “Despite its best intentions, punk has come to symbolise integrity and authenticity,” said curator Andrew Bolton.


Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut hair. Photo / AP
Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut hair. Photo / AP

Think short, ladies! In shoe stores this year, you could see a trend toward flats, including a notable reinterpretation of those chunky Birkenstocks. The first ripple effect would be comfort, of course, but the changes are more profound, notes Virginia Smith, Vogue‘s fashion market and accessories director: “Every woman wants a flat right now, and that has a big impact on fashion because it changes proportion.” Another trend: pixie hair, on everyone from Michelle Williams to Anne Hathaway to Jennifer Lawrence. “It will have an effect beyond celebrity and the runway,” Smith says. “A lot of these women are very influential.”


Is Miley Cyrus a 2013 trend setter? Photo / AP
Is Miley Cyrus a 2013 trend setter? Photo / AP

Speaking of influence, dare we call Miley Cyrus a trendsetter? She was already a trailblazer with her pixie cut from 2012, but hey, you probably were too busy watching the stuck-out tongue, teddy-bear leotard and nude bikini (which falls into the baring-it-all trend at the MTV Video Music Awards). Only weeks later, though, she was all elegance in sequinned Marc Jacobs at the Night of Stars gala. Miley the fashion icon? Not by the standard definition. But heading into 2014 she was one of the most-watched people on the planet. Blurred Lines, indeed.

Rent The Runway Opens New York Showroom At Henri Bendel

Rent the Runway at henri bendel

Set in a 1400-square-foot space on the second floor of Henry Bendel’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, the new shop will offer a selection of the most current and on-trend dresses from over 175 different designers. Styles will be in rotation seasonally, combining the ease of rental with current fashions. “It’s become clear to us at Rent the Runway that our customer is the true go-getter girl—she is smart and busy; she loves fashion but wants it easily and at the highest level of service,” said Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway.

17 of The Best Handbags From Paris Fashion Week

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17 of The Best Handbags From Paris Fashion Week

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andrew gn

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Gn

Now that Paris Fashion Week is over, its time to go through all the pieces weve filed away in our heads for that dream closet of ours. Mini dresses, crop tops and metallic jackets have all made the cut, but while weve been gawking over must-have pieces and dream-worthy designs, some of those hot little accessories have been slipping under our radar. I will confess Im a total bag lady, and although I own more purses than I actually use, it doesnt stop me from wanting to snag a few of these right off the runway. Taking a look back, heres a quick look at the 17 hottest handbags from Paris Fashion Week.


Photo Courtesy of Akris

Akris: The look of this white leather tote is pure sophistication. Itll hold a laptop, iPad, makeup bag, books and anything else you can think of. The best part is the two different carrying handles for wearing it over the shoulder or in your hand.

 Andrew Gn

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Gn

Andrew Gn: Its so hard to pick just one Andrew Gn bag. The mini box clutches are so cute, but with a double box styling and shoulder strap, this purse is like a two-for-one. Plus the navy and black together make for some serious drama.

Photo Courtesy of Chanel


Chanel: The minute I saw this on the runway I had a mini freakout. This tiny ombre crossbody bag is so hot I could wear it anywhere and everywhereand I dont even care that its only big enough for a lipstick.


Photo Courtesy of Chlo

Chlo: The Baylee as a clutch. This is such a simple but brilliant way to refresh a favorite purse. Now Ill have to go through the bags I own just to see which I can fold over into a whole new look.

 Emanuel Ungaro

Photo Courtesy of Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro: Tiny clutches were all over the runway, but none were as bedazzled and blinged out as this itty-bitty box. I would plan an entire trip to Vegas around this bag.

 Giambattista Valli

Photo Courtesy of Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli: The emerald marbling on this white trim clutch is bold enough to wear with almost anything and the color palette makes is perfect for day or night. Plus, I am loving those earthy gold bracelets.

 Ground Zero

Photo Courtesy of Ground Zero

Ground Zero: A functional clutch! With room for things and even a wrist strap! The floral patterns and bright colors on a black and white background are on-trend for spring. And everyone loves a little patent leatherespecially in electric blue.

 Hexa by Kuho

Photo Courtesy of Hexa by Kuho

Hexa by Kuho: I loved the shape of this bag when I first saw it. Its a new take on the popular side flaps and has a totally fresh shape. And then I noticed the camera slot. Im going to need this in every colorimmediately.


Photo Courtesy of Kenzo

Kenzo: Pastels are probably some of the hottest shades right now. And while theyre intended for spring, pairing them with black will allow you to give in to your pastel cravings this winter. This mint, black and white handbag offers the perfect hint of color.

 Lie Sang Bong

Photo Courtesy of Lie Sang Bong

Lie Sang Bong: Speaking of color, this clutch was probably one of the brightest on the runway. It totally pops and the optical illusion flowers give it a funky edge we havent seen before.

 Miu Miu

Photo Courtesy of Miu Miu

Miu Miu: Im pretty sure my grandmother owned a purse like this. The perfectly structured handbag that will stay a timeless classic. Aside from being fashionable for years, this purse will go with literally everything.

 Olympia Le Tan

Photo Courtesy of Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan: If youre going to have a nautical themed collection, you need a blowfish clutch. Its basically a must. Sure, I cant imagine anywhere you could wear it, but its just so bold and funky I cant help but love it. And the color and texture? Its all beading.


Photo Courtesy of Rochas

Rochas: This metallic bowling bag is bright, bold and beautifully textured, while still being large enough to carry everything. See, you dont need a clutch for every outfit. And that zipper goes all the way to the bottom so youre not losing your chapstick in the infinite void of your purse.

 Roland Mouret

Photo Courtesy of Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret: While those Madonna wristcuffs are appealing to the 80s kid in me, its the clutch that really has my attention. Its big, totally functional and those colors are perfect to carry you from winter to spring and back again.

 Talbot Runhof

Photo Courtesy of Talbot Runhof

Talbot Runhof: Usually, blends of gold and silver are not my favorites, but after seeing this bag Im totally changing my mind. This holographic leather mini purse is probably one of my favorites from Paris Fashion Week. And thats saying a lot.


Photo Courtesy of Valentino

Valentino: This show was so good. So very, very good. It was intricately decorated right down to the golden griffins on this clutch. And while there are definitely a few party bags on this list nothing looks as luxurious as gilded gold.

 Vanessa Bruno

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno: This bag is so funky, its almost bad. But the mix of clashing colors and prints, not to mention the gigantic tassels, make this little purse so fun. The rounded shape is small, but perfect for saycarrying your breakfast grapefruit to work?

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Chloé RTW Spring 2014: Beautiful Femininity Meets Project Runway

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Chlo RTW Spring 2014: Beautiful Femininity Meets Project Runway

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Chlo RTW during Paris Fashion Week

Photos Courtesy of Chlo

I dont know a single woman who doesnt love


. The brand is known for their beautiful feminine pieces that always have a fun twist on lady-like basics. The Spring 2014 collection shown this weekend during Paris Fashion Week, was a little classic Chlo and a little Project Runway. (Not in a good way.) It is all about layers, balance, underlying sensuality and making it work.

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