Designers Laura & Gracia Create Contemporary Jewelry for Trendsetters

Laura & Gracia Obelisk Choker

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While big baubles, gems and minimalistic pieces are in right now, we have to admit most of them look pretty indistinguishable covered in the same sparkles, colors and multi-strand chains. We want to stand out, be noticed, and a little “oh-my-gosh-where-did-you-get-that” can go a long way in assuring us of our sartorial stylings. Laura & Gracia is a contemporary line that creates raw jewelry with leather and reworked silver. Handcrafted in their Northern California studio, the two designers are committed to creating a line that is unique and rough—focusing more on artistic beauty than trends. One of our favorite pieces is the Obelisk Choker, a necklace that’s made using “an ancient European method of lost wax casting,” natural leather and Deerskin suede. The rest of their unisex collection consists of leather and silver worked into designs that blend caveman and rock’n’roll. And while the natural look works beautifully year round, it’s especially great on bare, tan skin in the summer.

Givenchy’s Robot Pouch Is The Coolest Man Bag We’ve Seen This Season


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Some guys are of the extraordinarily fashionable set and have no problem carrying a bag with the best of them—others need a little coaxing. If you’re one of the latter, prepare to be converted. From the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Givenchy just released a sleek pouch with a digital robot print—doesn’t get much cooler, right? The leather clutch embossed with the Givenchy name and styled with a super adorable manly print, is right up there among our favorite men’s luxury fashion buys. With bags being such a huge trend all over men’s fashion week runways, a new murse is a must-have this season. Plus it’s big enough to carry your iPad, so it’s totally work appropriate. If the pouch feels too much like a clutch or is impossible to carry without feeling like your toting around your wife’s purse, there is a matching robot print backpack that’s way more “urban bro” than “fashion maven.” But if you can pull off the pouch then do it, because we’ve never seen a man bag more awesome and fashion forward than this little digitized automaton.

The Scent of Luxury: Collezione Automobili Lamborghini Launches L Cologne for Men

Lamborghini L fragrance

Photo Courtesy of Lamborghini

What do you think a Lamborghini would smell like? Burnt rubber? Fine leather? Adrenaline? Lamborghini itself seems to have its own idea of what its brand (if not its automobiles) should smell like, and has put it into a bottle.

It’s simply enough called L, and it’s the first fragrance officially licensed and released by the famous Italian automaker. It’s something that arch-rival Ferrari and sister-brand Bugatti have been doing for years, but while Tonino Lamborghini—the brand spearheaded by the company founder’s son—offers fragrances, it has nothing to do with the automaker with which it shares its name. Which leaves this as something of a landmark launch for Lamborghini’s merchandising efforts—within the context of men’s fragrances at least.

The perfume is part of the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, a collection of clothing and accessories bearing the emblem and spirit of the Raging Bull marque. Other items in the recently-launched Spring/Summer 2014 line include a blazer, cashmere jumpsuit, jeans, leather jackets and more, highlighted by tones of orange, green and blue against hues of black, navy and gray.

Launched in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the limited-edition men’s cologne is the first of four to be released. Only 999 bottles of this fragrance will be made available, sold through Lamborghini’s network of 129 dealers around the world, in its own flagship boutique at its headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese and eventually online.

Celebrity Styling: How To Groom Your Beard To Beat the Heat

Jared Leto

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The Full Beard

Okay we have to hand it to Jared Leto, he seriously knows how to garner some attention when it comes to hair. Women have been coveting his locks for months now, but for men, one quick glance at his face will tell you this guy has grooming down to a T. Even if you don’t want to grow shoulder-length strands (which might be killer in the summer heat), that scruffy full beard is seriously hot. While this is probably the heaviest beard you would want to rock into the spring months, that fact that it’s a lighter, patchier verson of it’s winter cousin (think Zach Galifianakis) does give it a certain devil-may-care attitude. Keep it trimmed to stop it from getting too unruly—you want to look like Leto not Gandalf. Since your facial mane is a little longer, you’ll want to keep it hydrated and looking healthy—just like the hair on the top of your head. Try Beardbrands’s Four Vices Beard Oil with a light fragrance of tobacco, coffee, hops and cannabis—it doesn’t get any manlier than that. Available at Beardbrand and priced at $30.

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