The Experience of Fragrance

The Experience of Fragrance

The fragrance industry is thriving. Every year it churns out a multitude of products from designer labels, celebrity and lifestyle brands and traditional perfume houses. Although the art of perfumery dates back centuries, a signature fragrance has now become one of the most important vehicles for creating and maintaining an overall brand image.

And because scent is linked to memories, the reaction to fragrance and purchasing one is a highly emotional experience. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we focus on the overall experience of fragrance—from the literary world to highly conceptual designer perfume to the more traditional forms.

Chandler Burr – The Perfect Scent

The Experience of Fragrance
Although there have been many books written about perfumery, none have exposed what really occurs behind the scenes of the multi-billion dollar industry. New York Times writer Chandler Burr reveals the incredible process of creating and ultimately marketing a fragrance from beginning to end. The book provides in-depth profiles of prestige luxury-goods producers, Hermes’ first official head-perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and uber-celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker’s journey to the launch and development of “Lovely” with top fragrance manufacturer Coty. The Perfect Scent is a truly fascinating read and receives our highest ratings.


The Experience of Fragrance
We’ve written about Creed in previous posts for its standards of excellence and quality. Established in 1760, it is France’s most renowned perfume dynasty and continues to use techniques created by the family’s founding perfumer James Henry Creed. Royalty and famous celebrities throughout the world have favored the brand’s signature scents for centuries. Each perfume is covetable in its own way, casting a distinct allure of refinement, sophistication and timeless elegance. Having produced some of the most legendary fragrances ever known, the brand continues to thrive today under the direction of the family’s sixth generation perfumer, Olivier Henry Creed. For more information about Creed or to find the nearest retailer or location for one of the brand’s amazing flagship boutiques, log onto the website.


The Experience of Fragrance
Along with her custom-made Alexander McQueen wedding gown and royal crown jewels, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge chose Illuminum’s White Gardenia Petals as her wedding day perfume. The once little known brand instantly became known internationally and his since attracted a major following. The brand offers a unique, contemporary and rather experiential approach to fragrance, with a variety of beautiful scents, including Perfume and Haute Perfume series that can be layered or worn alone as well as scented candles and a very clever room “aromarizer.” Illuminum receives our highest ratings for innovation and design.

Taken by Jane Booke

The Experience of Fragrance

Los Angeles-based designer Jane Booke was exposed to a world of travel and culture from an early age and developed a true passion for art and fantasy. Her passion has led to Booke’s most recent endeavor, a perfume called Taken. This captivating, sensual fragrance has soft, fruity top notes of mango, peach and bergamot but is grounded with deep vanilla notes. Available in spray or roll-on as well as a fragranced candle, Taken is one of our favorite new scents! Log onto the website for more information.

Wode by Boudicca

The Experience of Fragrance
Recognized for exquisite tailoring, expert craftsmanship and highly conceptual art/fashion installations, London-based fashion label Boudicca has also created Wode, one of the most sensory-stimulating perfumes. Unconventionally packaged in a spray paint can, Wode comes out as a vibrant cobalt blue mist that appears wherever the scent has been sprayed. The color gradually disappears, but it leaves behind a delightfully intoxicating scent of herbal and spicy notes. Boudicca’s Wode is both a sensual and a visual experience, and it receives our highest ratings for design and innovation. For more information or to view the amazing video for Wode, log onto the website.

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