The Hottest Nail Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer 2017

With the start of each new season, makeup and beauty fashionistas are always blown away with the creativity and originality of the new looks about to be unleashed on the world.  Whether it be on the runways of Paris or Milan, in a leading glamour magazine for her, or in exclusive industry-only previews released months in advance, the artists behind these new looks never cease to amaze. Often it is the clothing or hair that takes centre-stage, but in this case it’s all about the hottest nail fashion trends!

By now you’ve figured out that the upcoming styles for Spring and Summer of 2017 will be no different.  From what has been seen of the new beauty fashions so far, we have a lot to look forward to!  One other thing is for sure: you will be able to gather 10 women in the same room and not have 2 of them with the same nail design.  Always hard to believe how such a simple beauty application can have so much range, and keeps getting reinvented… but once again, it has.

The newest nail fashion trends are said to be “about changing people’s expectations” whether it be through subtle modifications to the basics, or getting extra creative with outrageous new designs.  Many nail stylists this season are choosing to stay conservative and classic, yet many others are going way outside the box with very untraditional artistic creations (can you say 3D appliques?).  Whatever your taste, the hottest nail fashion trends of Spring and Summer 2017 sure won’t leave you indifferent!


Most Popular Shapes

While a lot of focus is placed on colour and designs, the first thing that needs to be determined is the length and shape.  How can you start painting when you don’t know your canvas?  And how to find your best nail shape?

Oval – This shape will never go out of style, because oval is feminine yet practical. They are long enough to allow for some creativity with designs, but not too long to put the nail at extra risk of breakage or looking excessive.

Almond – The almond nail is a beautiful shape that is currently trending, and for good reason! We don’t think this will just be a phase though; almond nails are here to stay because they are just that good looking.  There are so many different options for almond nail designs, and all of them look great. Of course, you’ll need to choose something that fits your personality and style to get the best results that you will be happy with.

Rounded – We see more and more short nails with rounded tips on display this season. This could be a sign that the “tomboy-ish” thing is making a comeback, or maybe it’s just about low-maintenance and a carefree mentality. Whatever the case, short is pretty universal, and can be worn by almost anyone.  There are also loads of nail polish options for them.


Colours, Designs, and other Artistic Flair

When booking your next classic manicure, exfoliation and polish, make sure to ask about all the hottest nail fashion trends.  There’s a lot to choose from, and we can guarantee you’ve never seen some of these before!
The Hottest Nail Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer 2017

Polish on the Cuticles

You have to be careful with some of the new nail fashions, because if you do them wrong they could look sloppy. However, if you get them done right at a professional salon, the effect is unique and stylish.

Start off by polishing the nails in a nude colour (another of this season’s hot trends), then tracing a thin stripe of silver glitter along the cuticle.  With soft, understated colours and a careful touch this effect is very pretty, but not all colour combinations will work as well.


Creative Twists on the French Manicure

Few nail artists want to bring back the plain old French manicure to 2017 nail fashions. Instead, they opted for clever and unique interpretations of the traditional style, whether by utilizing non-traditional colours or by playing with the shapes.

Painted diagonal white stripes, creating a modernist take on the classic French manicure.
What would you say to a French manicure with shades of red and white alternating as main and tip colours?  Intriguing to say the least.

 The Hottest Nail Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer 2017

Ombre Nails

The ombre nail appears difficult to achieve, but it is actually surprisingly easy.  One of the sexy nail designs to look for is a tricolour ombre in bright shades of peach, salmon, and yellow.  A much milder version of ombre sees nude transitioning into pink at the tips, almost like an ombre French manicure, but not exactly.


Dots, Stripes, and Crosses

Nails are a canvas that allows for a lot of creativity, despite their small size, and playing with lines is one way to get interesting.  You might see this brought to life with small intricate black and white designs drawn along the edges of the nails, over a turquoise base.

The striped nail design choice showcases crosses in contrasting shades of green and red painted onto a bare nail, in another unique creation. How about tiny red stripes layered over a bright silver base?


Predominant Top Colour

This is a style choice seen with several of the 2017 model nails. The effect is quite remarkable, and easy to achieve.  Nail artists first apply a base coat of colour, and then almost completely covered it with a top colour, only leaving a bit of the bottom polish showing.

For example, light grey can be layered over a dark blue base, for a cool half-moon effect.  In another version, nails are painted with a coat of light orange, and then with a small brush drew on some dark grey in a crescent shape, showing how easy no mess French oval tips can be achieved.

The Hottest Nail Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer 2017

Glossy Nails

In contrast to some of the other new tendencies seen lately (using a lot of matte finishes) glossy seems to be coming back into vogue.  We have seen many models with rounded and oval shaped nails coloured with glossy shades of solid powder blue, orangey red, and violet.


“Almost-Bare” with a Touch of Colour

One big leaning this year is minimalist yet eccentric at the same time.  Several shows have seen manicurists displaying low-effort / big reaction nail fashions, by leaving nails almost completely devoid of polish, then adding just a dab of colour… almost as an afterthought.

Some appear like random splashes, while others are obviously (on closer inspection) deliberate patterns.  You will see everything from Forest Green to a dollop of Baby Pink applied to only half the nail, really keeping this idea simple.  A similar design has black and white polish –instead of pink– applied in the center of the nail with a matte top coat.


Matte Metallics

This season a lot of artists have gone with metallic gold and silver nails, but instead of allowing them to shine too much, they were painted over with a matte top coat. This was an especially interesting choice, when contrasted with all the solid, glossy colours we’ve seen in the past.

On some runways, nails have been coloured with a matte shade of gold, but also fell into another of summer 2017 nail art fashions: weird French manicures. The tips of the models’ nails were painted a deep metallic purple, copper, and green.

The Hottest Nail Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer 2017

Jewel Studded Nails

Yes, we’ve seen this before, but back then it was more of a gimmick.  Now it seems to be more mainstream.  The secret to achieving such a flamboyant style is precise jewel application, and very strong glue.

But don’t necessarily assume this means loud and gaudy.  Bedazzled nails can be more subtle, like with little silver jewels camouflaged by an all-over silver polish.  Other variations can see the nails painted one solid colour, then topped with four jewels along the center.


For the latest fashion advice and expert application techniques, book an appointment with a qualified professional manicurist today.

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