The Many Benefits of a Professional Pedicure

Spring is almost upon us, and as the weather warms up leading to Summer, people change their fashion habits and out come the feet and lower legs. Open toe shoes and skirts for the ladies, with sandals and shorts on the gents.  If you want to be ready, start taking care of your feet the same way you do the rest of your body and skin, with the advantages of a monthly pedicure!  Don’t rely on Do-It-Yourself solutions for something as important as this.  Pay a visit to the best nail salon in Montreal and have it done by a professional.

What is a pedicure?  A cosmetic treatment for the area below the knees that cleans and renews the feet, moisturizes the skin, delivers nail care (maintenance and beauty) and a massage for the calf, ankles and feet. Traditionally just for women, many men and even adolescents have gotten into the swing of it in the modern era.

Feet are often forgotten

The average North-American walks anywhere from 7,500 to 10,500 steps a day (about 150,000 km in their lifetime) which results in a lot of wear-and-tear on their feet.  Our feet also support all our bodyweight, fit into tight uncomfortable shoes, don’t get to “breathe” like other parts of our body, have things dropped on them, and deliver the occasional kick (we hope that’s for soccer!).

Your feet are at risk for lots of painful issues, like cracking, bunions, corns, ingrown nails, fungal infections, flaking nails, odour and several others.  Just because you don’t see them as often, don’t wait until they start hurting or develop serious complications before giving a little TLC down there.

Most women get their toenails done for cosmetic reasons, and some don’t pay as much attention to the rest.  While it is a time-honoured way for the ladies to feel pretty and restore the shape and strength of their nails, the enhanced care delivered for your feet at a top nail salon in Montreal has a variety of health benefits too!

What can you expect?

First let’s look at the process involved in a proper professional pedicure.  After removing shoes and socks and rolling up your pants, you sit down in a specialized comfy chair and deposit your tootsies in a small bath of warm water.  This water is salinized or chlorinated for purity, and it might be flowing with bubbles like in a whirlpool.

After soaking for about five minutes, one foot is removed, patted dry, and the toenails will be trimmed straight across.  Usually followed by filing for a smooth finish and rounder shape.  Next comes some initial exfoliation, with your pedicure specialist rubbing the soles of your feet with a pumice stone and/or flat metal shaver to remove dead skin and calluses.

A variety of creams, lotions, and other remedies are then rubbed in to ensure all the dead skin is gone, and the softer remaining layers get proper moisturization.  At this stage most nail salons will also offer to massage your feet for a few minutes (often the calves too), and will finish by treating the cuticles, and painting your toenails.  There are also options for topcoat lacquers and varnishes as well.

Benefits of a Getting a Pedicure

Naturally there are the obvious cosmetic effects in getting your nails done —they look cleaner and more attractive— but there are also numerous (and serious) health benefits.  Here are the major advantages, in no particular order:

  • Early Prevention of Problems

A monthly pedicure can detect advance signs of many conditions that when treated early, can be prevented or lessened. Among these are fungal infections, corns and bunions. Correct trimming and sanitizing of toenails can prevent ingrown toenails and other complications.

  • Relaxation

Pedicures usually include a massage for your lower legs and feet, which is very therapeutic, releases muscle tension, and enhances mental wellness. Treating yourself to a 1-hour pedicure relieves harmful stress and provides an invigorating feeling of rejuvenation.  Foot massage can be an effective tool to not only decrease stress and anxiety, but to promote relaxation in your daily life.

  • Promotes Circulation

The massage also helps promote proper circulation and tension relief in the calves and feet. Consequently, an increase in blood circulation can reduce pain as well as release harmful toxins.

  • Exfoliation

Scrubbing the dead skin off your feet and legs helps the skin “breathe” and restore itself. Exfoliation also encourages new cell growth leading to softer, smoother more attractive skin (especially on the heel).  The elimination of dead skin cells prevents the accumulation and forming of uncomfortable bunions, corns, and calluses.   In addition it helps prevent the formation of painful pressure points from uneven weight distribution.  This is why people say they are floating on a cloud after a pro pedicure in an expert nail salon.

  • Moisturization

Rich moisturizers are applied leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft. Moisturization also helps prevent blisters and cracks on the heels and toes when used regularly.  It is equally important to keep cuticles hydrated so the nails don’t grow with ridges or split-ends.  This trend can even lead to the nails lifting out of the nail beds.  Very unsightly and uncomfortable!

  • Pretty up those Piggies

Feel sexy, trendy, and healthy with fabulous nail polish in a variety of colours.  You will get a base coat to protect the nail surface, then two colour coats, and a protective topcoat. Match the colours to your favorite sandals, accessories or beauty trends. Your number one Beauty Salon in Montreal offers Classic Pedicures, Gel and Shellac Nails, and many other services to help deliver a fashion statement as unique as the person wearing them.

What’s Hot in Nail Fashions for 2017?

Keep your eyes open for some revolutionary new looks this year.  What are the best nail polish colours and trends for Spring 2017?   Choose from “Watercolour Greyscale”, “Pastel grey with a lavender undertone”, “Center-stripe with a matte finish”, “Mixed baby pink with a burnished gold”, “Bubblegum pink”, “Bronze, silver, or gold Metallic”, “Faded 2-tone Metallic”, “Sparkling glitter rims”, “Grey-Beige Almond shaped”, or many others.  You’ll be sleek, sophisticated, and avant-garde all season long! 


Feet get little care compared to the rest of our bodies such as our hands and face. Healthy feet are vital to our overall well-being, so don’t forget about them!  Getting a pedicure makes you feel pampered and well cared for, and when you’re done, you feel clean and energized. Make sure to get some form of foot-care at least once a month to ensure your feet stay in tip-top shape.

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