The Many Shades of Brunette

When you think brunette, your thoughts automatically turn to brown. But it’s more than just brown; you have your medium ash brown, dark chocolate brown, light red brown, and a gorgeous light golden brown, just to name a few. So, to pick out the perfect colors for your skin tone and color choice, here are some stunning colors for you to choose from!

Light and Lovely:

For those of you with light skin, you don’t want to go too dramatic; if you go a super dark, rich brown/black, it could make you look even lighter. Instead of a dark brown, here are some great browns for you to consider:

  • Light Golden Brown: It’s brunette, but with a gorgeous kiss of gold strewn threw the brown hair strands. It’s a perfect summer color.
  • Light Natural Brown: Think your gorgeous, born-with-it color. It’s also a great summer color and a very easy one to keep up with, especially if it’s close to your natural hue.
  • Medium Copper Brown: With a tinge of red, it’s a perfectly sexy, sultry color.
  • Medium Chocolate Brown: It’s darker than the other colors, but its richness makes this an enviable shade.

Light Golden Brown hair

Medium Perfection:

For those of you with a sun-kissed tan, you can go a little darker without going overboard. Darker browns have a rich hue to them, really capturing the eye. Here are some great colors:

  • Dark Chocolate Brown: It’s a darker shade (obviously) than your medium, but both colors are great for medium skin color.
  • Medium Burgundy: This is a gorgeous red/brown color that’s a more daring hue than your more natural colors.
  • Dark Red Brown: This one is a richer color than your medium burgundy. It has a rich red tinge to it, more red than brown, but a gorgeous color nonetheless.
  • Carmel Brown: Caramel is a fantastic color that’s great for medium skin tones. It’s a lively hue, and great for medium skin tones.

dark chocolate brown hair

Dark and Delightful:

For those of you with dark skin tones, a darker color is definitely more appealing. Think your darkest browns – your brown/black, rich amber, and deep reds. Here are some great color choices:

  • Deep Cherry Brown: This has to be one of the most gorgeous colors on the color chart. Think of a chocolate covered cherry, and you have the best color ever.
  • Deep Brown Black: This is a very dark brown, laced with tinges of deeper brown and black.
  • Dark Natural Brown: It’s an enviable color that’s both natural and superb. For those of you who want to keep it natural with a touch of color, than this is the shade you want.
  • Natural Black: If you want to go bold, than going black is the best way to go! Raven black with a bluish hue or a natural black is absolutely superb.

Dark Natural Brown hair
As a rule of thumb, only go a couple shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color so as not to clash with your skin tone. Natural is beautiful with a tinge of color! So now that you have a few gorgeous shades to choose from, make sure to visit our fantastic salon stylists here at Salon Deauville! To book your appointment, click here or give us a call!

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