The Oily Roots: How to fix the greasy look the easy way!

There is absolutely nothing worse than having greasy hair by mid-day. It ruins the hair style, making your hair look dirty, gross, and unwashed. But we all know… you just washed it, and you simply can’t help it! Greasy hair is your worst enemy, and you have no idea how to prevent it. Take a breath- you’re not stuck with the nasty grease anymore! There are a few great ideas on how to style and prevent the seemingly inevitable grease!

greasy hair
  • Dry Shampoos: You’ve found your new best friend – meet dry shampoo! Dry shampoos are life savers, affectively wicking away the look of greasy hair in seconds! There are tons of different dry shampoos out there, so ask your hairdresser what dry shampoo would be best for you. Here’s the best part- dry shampoos come in a travel size, making it easy to plop this bottle of magic in your purse! With a dusting over your roots, shake the dry shampoo in and watch the miracle unfold!
  • Baby Powder: This is a great alternative to dry shampoo if you happen to run out. It does the exact same thing, giving your hair a fresh touch up.
  • Washing Doesn’t Help: Believe it or not, over-washing your hair will do exactly what you don’t want – create more grease. Avoid this by not washing your hair on a daily basis. On days where it doesn’t matter as much if your hair is clean or not, skip the shampoo and try for an up-do or a ball cap. When you do wash your hair, rinse with cold water, and make sure you really rinse your hair. Get all of the shampoo out to prevent an itchy, greasy mess.
  • Volumizing Hair Products: Put a volumizing product in your hair to lift your roots away from your scalp. This will keep your hair from lying on your scalp and getting greasy. Volumizing hair products are a girl’s best friend, so make sure to ask your hair dresser what products he/she recommends.
  • Curly Girls: Curls or waves take away the appearance of grease because of the volume and imperfect strands. Straight hair tends to lie heavier on your scalp, giving the appearance of a greasier look. Curly or wavy hair will make your hair look cleaner for longer.

Greasy hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare you deal with on a day to day basis. With a few simple styling products and tips, you can prevent the dirty look with ease!

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