Too Hot to Trot Nail Tips and Ideas for 2015

When you walk into a salon or drug store, in the makeup section you’re bombarded with different colors, types, and even textures of nail polish.

The options are endless, giving you an unlimited amount of gorgeous colors to choose from! Depending on your mood or style preference, you can choose whatever color you want, whatever texture, and whatever brand you prefer! Here at Salon Deauville, we carry an excellent assortment of absolutely gorgeous, quality nail colors!

2015 nail styles

With 2015 rolling hot and high with gorgeous trends and fabulous colors, it can be hard to decide which ones are the hottest, sexiest, and most trend-setting colors for you!

Tips, Ideas, and the Hottest Colors for Your Skin Tone:

Since there are so many different colors, it can be hard to find one that matches your skin tone the best. Here are some fabulous tips and ideas for you to consider!


Here are just a few tips for you to consider!

  • If you’re more of a neutral, not so much of a trend-setting kind of gal, than opt for nail polishes that match your skin tone; for light skin, choose nudes, pail pinks, and so on. For those of you with dark skin tones, match it with a deep color such as dark reds, purples, and so on. Dark for dark, light for light.
  • If you have light skin tones, be careful with darker nail polish colors. You don’t want to look even whiter or too dramatic – you want to stay away from the at-home manicure look, meaning, you don’t want your fingers and nails to look trashy or overdone. If you want bold, opt for a color that’s complementing to your light skin tone, like an apple red, or a gorgeous plum.

nail color for light skin


If you want some great styling ideas, than here are a few just for you!

  • Everyone does the four finger one color and (usually) your ring finger another color. It’s a great look! One tip for you: opt for an alternating color that’s similar in hue but one that will stand out. For example, if you choose a pale pink nail polish, make your accent finger nail color a shimmery gold or a sparkly pale pink. Make it pop without being too overdone!
  • Neutral is hot this summer and for great reason. You can pair a nude or neutral nail polish with any outfit and any jewelry or shoes.

Colors for Your Skin Tone:

We’ve talked a little bit about colors per skin tone, but here are some more tips for you!

red nail polish
  • The best bet is knowing what your undertone is. This helps prevent any clashing colors, making your hands look classy, sexy, and super great!
  • Medium skin tones can pull off just about any color you can imagine. Darks, bright, light, or neutral all look great on you! Light skin tones look fabulous with lighter colors, and darker skin tones, as we’ve discussed, look absolutely hot with dark colors.

Now that you have a few great tips and ideas, go have fun nail polish shopping! Here at Salon Deauville, we have a great selection of colors and fabulous products! We use only the best of the best, so if you want to have quality, long lasting nail polish, make sure to Book an appointment today!

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