Top 5 Celebrity Bridal Hair and Makeup Styles

When looking for our wedding makeup and hair inspirations, we almost always look to the gorgeous celebrities gracing the Red Carpet. They always seem to come up with the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, simply fantastic looks that make us all jealous. From Rachel McAdams to Emma Stone, their looks are stately and gorgeous – to say the least! Here’s a list of a few fantastic styling ideas for you to consider when looking for the perfect wedding look!

  1. Jessica Chastain: She’s gorgeous and her au-natural look is the perfect go-to style for just about every bride out there. Not to mention her hair style! With a simplistic ½ up, curled style with a poofy back, this adds the perfect touch. It’s about as natural and true as it gets. Her makeup is perfect with a cat-eye eyeliner and a touch of blush. All natural is the key with Jessica Chastain’s look!

    Jessica Chastain makeup
  2. Jennifer Lopez: She’s famous for her tight, high up ballerina buns! It’s the perfect look for that black tie affair or that evening dinner styled wedding. With your hair pulled up and out of your face, it draws more attention to your glimmering eyes and rosy red cheeks. Take advantage of the hair-do and really spruce up your makeup! Go for a dramatic appearance, such as a deep smokey eye and bold lipstick. It’s the perfect look!

    Jennifer Lopez makeup
  3. Emma Stone: Her quirky personality comes out in her hairstyles and gorgeous makeup! Emma Stone brings back the finger wave style, giving it a little extra spice by pulling it back into a loose and messy bun. Finger waves frame your face perfectly, really giving you that doll/princess look you’re going for. The hairstylists here at Salon Deauville have perfected the finger wave and can give any vintage bride that classy 1920’s look!

    Emma Stone makeup style
  4. Rachel McAdams: Possibly one of the most beautiful women to walk the face of this earth, she is definitely a makeup and hair inspiration for brides all over! Her curled up-do is perfect for giving brides the flirty, classy, and sexy appeal. With a bold lipstick and accentuating smokey eye, you’re guaranteed to take your grooms – and your guests! – breath away.

    Rachel McAdams makeup
  5. Paula Patton: For those brides with long hair, the loose wave is a perfect style. It accentuates your gorgeous locks and allows for a sensual, whimsical, and classic appeal. Top off your gorgeous curls with a tiara, or like Paula Patton, with a gorgeous brooch, and you’ll have all the ladies gawking at your tresses. Top off the look with a smattering of lipstick and softly winged eyeliner, and you’ll be the talk of the town for weeks to come!

    Paula Patton makeup

Finding the perfect hair and makeup style is easy when you have gorgeous celebrities to follow! From Rachel McAdams’ sexy, bold lipstick to Jennifer Lopez’s sophisticated ballerina bun, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect look.

Here at Salon Deauville, our incredibly talented makeup artists and hairstylists can give you the look that you’ve always wanted for your wedding day! Click here to book an appointment

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