Top beauty product basics for teen faces

Top beauty product basics for teen faces

Sooner rather than later your teenager will want her own beauty products. To save her digging into yours which will likely be overly rich – in formula and price – try stocking up on some basics at the supermarket.

The big beauty players know the sort of fragrances that appeal to the young (think citrus and vanilla), and most companies have also introduced sensitive skin and oil-free lines to cater for demanding skin types.

On the shelves these days you will also find formulations with more natural ingredients such as those from unisex New Zealand brands Eco-Store and Primal Earth and savvy new import Yes To.

Outside the supermarket, a good natural option targeted at teenagers is Auckland-made Scarlett & Green skincare, plus there’s always the likes of the Body Shop to check out. Of the bigger beauty companies most target consumers aged over 18 or 20, but Clinique and Za, a subsidiary of Shiseido, are excellent for early adopters.

1: L’Oreal Clean Pod Perfect Clean Apricot Scrub $12.99

This dinky Clean Pod sits happily in the shower. Pop it open and massage the circular device across skin, releasing a rich lather and fruity fragrance while you gently exfoliate.

Can be used daily.

2: Nivea Pure Effect Shine Control Mattifying Gel Cream $9.89

Gel textures are ideal for teens, providing a light hydrating feel while not over-moisturising. This one has UV filters and is oil-free, with the bonus of a mattifying effect on shine-prone skin.

* Pure Effect is the new umbrella name for the Nivea Young range which is a sensible skincare starting point.

3: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oil-free $17.49

Garnier was first to bring a blemish balm (BB) cream here and nearly two years on it has now launched an oil-free version of this beauty multi-tasker. BBs moisturise and mattify skin while disguising imperfections and delivering some sun protection. Their texture is heavier than a tinted moisturiser, but coverage is generally better. Garnier’s rates SP515 and is available in light and medium shades.

4: Clean & Clear Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser $11.99

This cleanser contains a brightening blend of caffeine, lemon and fruit extracts to clean pores while whisking away surface impurities. Smells fresh and there’s a matching scrub, which thankfully eschews polyethylene pieces in favour of dissolving “bursting beads”. Clean & Clear’s Advantage Continuous Control Cleanser ($12.99) contains benzoyl peroxide to blitz acne bacteria.

5: Neutrogena Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Scrub $16.99

This scrub and a matching cleanser may look fruity fun, but they are oil-free acne treatments with salicylic acid in maximum over-the-counter amounts, making them worth a go as a clogged skin solution. Do not use the scrub on open sores and restrict use to every second or third day. If problems persist seek expert advice.

6: Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Foam $7.99

Teens generally enjoying the “squeaky clean” feeling of a foam, although not all skins tolerate the sudsy approach. This one, being fragrance and colourant-free, is less likely to upset sensitive skin and it contains soothing aloe extracts. There’s also a brightening detox foam with a lemon-fresh fragrance.

7: Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover $14.79

This oil-free remover will take off even stubborn waterproof mascara gently, making it a teen essential. Though many face cleansers claim to take off mascara, you are usually left with black smudges, so a purpose-designed product is worth the extra effort.

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