#Trending Nail Art for Summer

nails1 #Trending Nail Art for Summer
I’m sure you’ve noticed the nail art maniacs on the web, let’s just say…extreme nails are the rage. The newest trend in this exchange is nail art with intricacies you would never imagine. There are numbers of social media channels out there dedicated to the craft alone.
Summer is the perfect time to take risks with your polish, so break out the pumice stone, call up the girls and let’s get started. We’ve picked out the internet’s most creative nail art to inspire you to create a masterpiece of your own.
Here are a few tips to totally “nail” the look:

1)    If you usually wear neutrals, take inspiration from the vibrant summer setting around you and experiment with color. You can even mix your staple neutral colors with bright neon’s to mix things up.
2)    Don’t have a steady hand? Not a problem. Just ask a friend to help you draw the design. Then you can return the favor for them and hey – practice makes perfect, right?
3)    To get small details, don’t stress yourself out by trying to design with a regular polish brush, try a nail art pen. They come in all different shades, will save you time and energy and give you a great result.
4)    Don’t have time to paint your nails, but still want to look chic? Try stick on polish strips like, Sally Hansen Salon Effects. They come in all different designs and they appear on your nail like actual polish.

The most important part is show your personality…nail art isn’t about perfection, rather design, so go for it…and enjoy all of the AMAZING attention you will be getting!

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