Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2015

With each and every New Year comes new and fantastic hairstyles. From long, wispy hair to finger waves, each new generation and year comes up with a fantastic hairstyle. So, now that 2015 is well on its way, let’s go ahead and take a peek at some of the greatest hairstyles this year has to offer!

long hairstyles 2015
Long Hair Styles: For those of you with long hair, there are a ton of fabulous new hairstyles for you to try. Here at Salon Deauville, our amazing hair stylists can help show you just how to get that perfect beach wave or chignon bun. Here are some great hairstyles for you to try!
  • Boho Waves: Commonly known as the beach wave, this hairstyle is a favorite among many. It’s loose, it’s easy, and it’s perfect for any occasion. With the right hair care products, you can really rock this look.
  • Sleek and Chic Pony Tails: Every girl loves a pony tail, but usually when you think of a pony tail you think of cleaning days spent at home in your old, worn out jeans and t-shirt. Not anymore! With your hair slicked back and tied into a clean, straightened pony tail, you can really rock the hairstyling world. To give it a little more pizazz, wrap some of your hair around the pony tail holder to make it look as if your own hair is the hair tie.
  • Double Pony Tail: This is a really great one for a day out shopping or going on a lunch date with your girls. Pull up a decent chunk of hair on the top of your head and tie it in a loose pony tail. Then, at the nape of your neck, gather all of your hair and put it in another pony tail. It’s super easy, quick, and it’s a twist to the ever-so-popular pony tail.
  • Braids: Who doesn’t love a good old braid? There are a million different types of braids you can pull off, such as the fishtail, French braid, and your regular braid. It’s great for a quick hairstyle, and topped with a bedazzled headband or your favorite hat, you’ll look put together and ready for the day.

2015 hairstyles
Short Hairstyles: For all you lasses with the short and sassy hair, finding an easy style is, well, easy! Here are some great 2015 hairstyles for you to copy:
  • Pixie Perfection: Pixie haircuts have got to be some of the most popular hairstyles for short hair out there. It’s super easy, and super gorgeous. For a feminine sweep, opt for a style like Frankie Sandford’s. Leave your bangs long and thick, swooping them to the side. It’s a gorgeous style that’s easy to do each and every day.
  • Short, Sweet, & Wavy: Like Ann Hathaway’s short bob, give your locks a little wave. By styling your hair in a beach wave fashion, it gives your tresses a little boost and it dramatizes the look.
  • Layered and Ombre: Ombre is one of the most popular hair colors in today’s fashion world. With your short hair, throw in some curls and your ombre will look absolutely darling.
  • Spiked and Daring: For those of you with a pixie cut, try something a little rock-themed. Try spiking your hair for that extra height and drama. It’s great for a fun night out with the girls!

trendy hairstyle 2015
If you want to try one of these fabulous new looks, definitely make sure to book an appointment with one of our amazing stylists! To schedule an appointment, Click Here

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