Types of Eyeliners and their Uses

When shopping for eyeliners, there’s literally a wall of them. So many different colors, types, and brands line the walls of makeup stores, making it seem almost impossible to choose the best one for you.

Here at Salon Deauville, we make the “hunting” a little easier for you. We only provide some of the best brands of makeup, ensuring that no matter what you choose, it’s a quality brand. To help you further, here’s a list of types of eyeliners and what they’re best used for.

types of eyeliners

Types of Eyeliners:

There are generally 4 types of eyeliner, liquid, gel, pencil, and even eyeshadow. Here’s some helpful information for you when you go liner shopping!

  • Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner is usually in a bottle styled pen with a pointed tip that allows for precision, drama, and deep color. Here are the pros and cons:
    • Pros: For a precise, dramatic look, this is absolutely fantastic. You can really perfect the cat-eye and any dramatic look that you prefer. It’s also fantastic for a thinner line, which also provides a sleek, sexy appeal.
    • Cons: With every good thing there’s a bad side. For example, with the liquid eyeliner, you really need to have a steady, practiced hand. This isn’t a great makeup for someone who’s trying eyeliner for the first time. Also, after a while it can also get a little flaky, messing up the rather precise look you started out with.
  • Gel Eyeliner: This is a great one and is becoming more and more popular as word gets out at how easily it’s applied and how great it looks. Here are a few pros and cons:
    • Pros: With the gel eyeliner, you can also use it to create a fantastic smokey eye. Also, this one stays put – you don’t have to worry about runny eyeliner.
    • Cons: Instead of just your handy dandy push eyeliner pencil, you have to make sure your brush and container of eyeliner are in the same makeup bag. That’s not much of a con, but there is more to it. Like the liquid eyeliner, this one tends to dry out over time.
  • Pencil Eyeliner: For pretty much everyone, this is a great eyeliner. It’s one of the most popular ones used, and for great reason. Here are some pros and cons for the pencil as well:
    • Pros: It’s probably one of the easiest ones to apply; you don’t have to worry about liquid liner that’s sensitive when applied. Also, it’s like any other pencil; you sharpen when needed and that’s that! There’s also a pencil that’s a twist top, eliminating the need for a sharpener.
    • Cons: If you want a precise line, than this one is not for you. Because it doesn’t have a precise, pointed tip, lines tend to be a little thicker and less precise. Also, if you get a pencil that has to be sharpened, you won’t be able to use it if you lose or don’t have a sharpener.
  • Eyeshadow Eyeliner: Believe it or not, you can use eyeshadow for eyeliner. This comes in handy if you forget your eyeliner or if you happen to lose your sharpener. Here are some more pros and cons:
    • Pros: Like the gel and liquid liner, eyeshadow is great for a very well blended smokey eye. It’s not as dramatic, so it’s great for a day time smokey eye.
    • Cons: You need to be precise, and you should use primer when using this to keep it from fading. You also need a specific brush in order to ensure a clean, precise, enviable line.


    Now that we’ve taken a gander at some of the types of eyeshadows, you can decide which one will work best for you! Here at Salon Deauville, our makeup artists are absolutely fantastic at what they do, and can teach you how to apply your makeup. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for makeup application for any special day, than make sure to give us a call or take a virtual visit!

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