Vivacious Red: Different Shades of Fabulously Red Hair

It’s bold, beautiful, and fabulous! Red hair is a fantastic color for many people – it gives you a daring, original style that makes you stand out among the rest. It gives you an edge! There are many different shades of red hair, giving you a lot of different color options to choose from. Red is a vivacious and romantic color that adds appeal to just about any lady’s looks! If you want red hair but you’re not quite sure what shade would look best on you, here are just a few different color options for you to consider!

soft cinnamon red hair

  • Soft Cinnamon: This color is a gorgeous, natural looking shade that is perfect for the warm skin-toned ladies. Soft cinnamon adds a touch of red to your golden, light brown locks, adding depth, sensual appeal, and color! Cinnamon colored hair is perfect for the green-eyed goddess; it really helps to give your eyes a popping appeal!
  • Brunette Cherry Red: This is the perfect color for those who don’t want to go all-out red! This gives you a grip on your brunette roots while giving you depth and a pop of color. The red is just a slight hue, giving you a little extra something. A brunette cherry red color is perfect for those who have a medium complexion; it’s not too dramatic or too vivacious. It’s the perfect combination for the medium skin-toned ladies!
  • Vibrant Violet: It’s daring, deep, and delicious! Violet has a tinge of deep purple-red, giving you an edgy, sexy look. This look is fabulous for the lighter-medium skinned toned ladies. This bold color is fabulous for turning heads and drawing admiring looks! It’s vivacious, beautiful, and valiant!
  • Copper Head: It’s the red of all reds! Copper hair color is gorgeous, brilliant, and daring! It’s the perfect shade for the pale-skinned beauties who want to add a daring touch to their appearance. Copper colored hair is oft-times paired with emerald colors, green eyes, and soft skin… it’s a gorgeous hue that will catch anybody’s eye!
  • Cherry Soda, Please: Deep cherry chocolate red is a gorgeous color. It’s a little darker and a little more red-tinged than the brunette cherry red. It’s a step above, getting you closer to a more violet color. For those wanting to gradually go from brown to red, this is the perfect middle color. Cherry red is perfect for warmer skin tones and light eyes, although it’s a gorgeous look on just about anyone.

brunette cherry red

There are tons of different red shades out there! Here at Salon Deauville, our talented stylists can help you choose the perfect red color for your skin tone! Book an appointment today! Click Here

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