Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Flawless, fabulous, and absolutely perfect – that’s how you want your bridal hair & makeup to be! When you look back on your wedding photos, you want your face to be flawless. Running eye liner, blotchy eye shadow, and pasty white cheeks are not what you want to see! With a few fabulous tips and an amazing makeup artist, you can easily pull off a flawless look and air-brushed perfection!

Tips: For perfect wedding makeup, you want to make sure you have the right tools, accessories, and of course, the right makeup. Here are just a few makeup tools and tips to use when getting ready for your fabulous day.

makeup tips for wedding

  • Tools: You can’t use a foundation brush to apply blush and you certainly can’t use eyeliner for your eyebrow pencil. Make sure to use the right tools for the right job! Here are a list of must-haves to keep with you:

o   Primer Brush

o   Foundation brush or sponge (do NOT use your fingers!)

o   Blush brush

o   Eye shadow brushes

o   Eyebrow brush/pencil

  • Makeup Tips: For flawless makeup, follow these simple steps and tips!

o   Hot days: On a hot summer or spring day, make sure you use oil-free foundation and a primer. Also, make sure you have oil-blotting pads. This will help to remove the oil without removing your makeup.

o   Application: Use primer! Primer helps to keep the makeup on for longer, resulting in longer-lasting, flawless makeup. Also, use an eye shadow primer. This, like the face primer, will also help to keep your eye shadow on.

o   Big Tip: Apply extra makeup! Photos tend to wash you out, so if you apply an extra “layer” of makeup, the flash won’t blot you out. A little extra blush, a little darker lipstick, and a little thicker eye makeup will help to make you look flawless and bright!

Here at Salon Deauville, our professional makeup artists can help give you the perfect wedding makeover! They will apply the perfect colors for your skin tone, enhancing your natural beauty without going overboard.

flawless wedding makeup

For flawless wedding makeup, call our Salon to schedule a makeup trial! With the makeup trial, we can determine what colors look best on you, giving you the flawless, magazine-cover worthy look that you want. Our makeup artists use the best makeup products, such as Tigi Bed Head makeup, ensuring perfect, long lasting wear.

If you’re getting married, make sure your makeup is as flawless as the rest of your wedding. Using the right makeup tools, applying it correctly, or going to a makeup artist will make all the difference!

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