Wedding Makeup Tips for the Do-It-Yourself Bride

Using the right makeup, applying it correctly, and having an “emergency kit” are all incredibly important factors to keep in mind when applying your makeup for your wedding day. For those of you who’ve decided to do your own makeup, here are just a few tips for you to take into consideration!

wedding makeup tips
  • Play it Up: For your wedding, you want to apply your makeup a little heavier than usual. The reason for this is because photographs tend to wash you out, making you look paler than usual. Apply extra blush, eye shadow, and lipstick or gloss to give you that picture-perfect look.
  • Prime to Perfection: Primer is a huge asset when it comes to applying your own makeup. Primer, both foundation and eye shadow, helps to keep your makeup on longer so you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying makeup throughout the day.
  • Sponge or Brush it On: When it comes to your foundation, it’s important to remember that using your fingers is not the way to go! When you use your fingers, you’re leaving behind oils, dirt, and other things on your face, taking away from your pristine-clean glow. When applying foundation, use a brush or sponge for that flawless, airbrushed, and clean look.
  • Cream Blush: When it comes to your wedding, going for a cream blush is a good idea. With a cream blush, it will give you that shiny, shimmering appearance that you want. You’ll have the picture-perfect blushing bride look that you’re going for.
  • Line Your Brows: Lining your brows will help to add definition. This will give your eyebrows a more sophisticated, perfected look. It helps give you a more defined appearance.
  • Enhance to Define: You want to enhance your features, so use eye shadows that are particularly appealing to your eye color, and use blushes that enhance your skin tone. It’s all about looking naturally beautiful, and in order to do so, you need to use the right colors.
  • Luscious Lashes: Curl your lashes! It’s amazing how much larger, more defined, and perfect your eyes will look when your lashes are curled. It adds the perfect, feminine touch. Another tip – try using fake lashes. Talk about depth, definition, and exaggerated beauty!
  • Waterproof: This is a definite must. Between the father-daughter dance, maid of honor speech, and first kiss, you’re guaranteed to shed a few tears. Wearing water proof mascara and eyeliner will help to keep your makeup where it belongs – on your eyes and not your cheeks!

bridal makeup

By following these few simple tips and tricks, you’ll have the perfect wedding makeup! Remember: play it up a bit, wear waterproof eyewear, and enhance your natural beauty!

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