What Lipstick Color Would Look Best On You?

Whether its Marilyn Monroe Cherry Red or soft and subtle blush pink, when you’re looking for the right lipstick color, it’s all about your skin and hair color and your style preference. When you go shopping for your lipstick color, have in mind exactly what you want and need. To make decision making a little easier, follow these tips!

marilyn monroe red lipstick
  • Fair Skin Beauties: A lot of different shades look really good on fair skinned lasses. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is fair skin looks good with orange based shades. Since your skin is fair, you want to be careful not to over-do the color – you don’t want anything too bold.
  • Beige Beauties: You ladies with the darker skin tones should try to stick with colors that aren’t too brown. You want to contrast, not really blend. A matching pop of color is what you’re looking for. In that case, look for true red lipsticks (nothing too orange – think more cherry red) or light pinks. Soft pinks or bold reds are great for beige skin toned ladies.
  • Golden Goddesses: Your sun kissed skin goes well with many colors, but it looks fantastic with colors that have a warmer undertone.
  • Lustrously Olive: Olive skin tones look great with just about any color. This makes it easier on you to find the color that you really want! And who said you could only have one shade! For example, you could opt for a true, deep red lipstick, a soft nude-pink, or even a more daring purple. Let your mood (and outfit) pick the color for you!
  • Beautifully Bronze: For you bronzer skin toned ladies, you’ll want to go for either one or the other – either nude or bold – but not both. So for daytime shades, opt for a soft blush pink, nude, or glossy rose pink. For nighttime occasions, opt for gorgeous, deep reds or lusciously deep merlot colors.
  • Deep and Lovely: For darker skin tones, you’ll want to opt for true colors that don’t turn to an ashy shade. Plums look absolutely fantastic, as do pinks and berry colors. You can really play up your lip color and vary it from day to night shades. From office subtlety to daring nighttime shades, you’ll easily be able to play off your skin tone with the right shade of lipstick!

lipstick beyonce
If you want that perfectly accentuating lipstick shade, than you’ll need to stick to colors that enhance your skin tone. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to vary too far from the colors meant for you. Also, have fun with your lipstick shades! Play with your eye shadow, your wardrobe, and even your hair color! Also, change up your lipstick color from day to night shades. You can never have too many shades of lipstick! Plus, who said you couldn’t have a lipstick for each outfit? It’s all about your mood and wardrobe, so have fun, shop, and opt for the shades that best accentuate your gorgeous skin tone!

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