What t-shirt do you want to see Kiwis in at the Games? (+photos)

What t-shirt do you want to see Kiwis in at the Games? (+photos)

Over 2000 people have jumped at the chance to design the official t-shirt the New Zealand Olympic team will be wearing in London later this year.

NZ Olympic uniform suppliers, Rodd & Gunn, put out a call to come up with a design to ‘best reflect what it means to be a proud Kiwi’.

The top 10 have been posted for public vote on Facebook. The winning design will be worn only by 300 NZ Olympic athletes and officials. One other will be sold at a dinner hosted by Prime Minister John Key.

The Olympic organisation and a Rodd & Gunn representative chose the finalists based on “creativity and uniqueness,” said Rodd & Gunn CEO, Michael Beagley.

“We had them from three-year-old kids to 80-year-old people,” he said of the entrants.

Some expressed “incredible insightful creativity”, but Mr Beagley said his favourites have to remain a secret.

“It’s a really unique piece that they’ll actually want to wear quite often.”

Go to the New Zealand Olympic Team’s Facebook page to cast your vote.

Voting closes June 18, 2012. The winning design will be announced to the public on June 27, 2012.

By Joselyn Khor
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