Whisper Thin, Fully Gorgeous

We know that thin hair is one of the hardest things to style and work with. There’s no luscious volume, enviable thickness, or spiraling-out-of-control curls. But that’s ok! Not everyone has thick and enviable locks. That’s where fantastic salon stylists, like those at Salon Deauville, and styling tips come in handy! If you have thin hair and you’re looking for creative and natural ways to make your hair look thicker and fuller, then take a peek at the following styling ideas!

make hair look thicker

Sassy Styles:

There are hundreds of great hairstyles out there, and they’re not all just for thick haired lasses. Here at Salon Deauville, our hairstylists can show you great tricks and styles to give your hair that luscious appeal. Here are some styling ideas for you:

  • Curly Cue: Instead of straightening your hair, which can make your hair appear thinner, try putting a curling iron through it instead. Give your hair some wonderful beach waves or sexy curls for a fun night out or a day in the office!
  • Short and Sassy: As you can imagine, having shorter hair helps to give your hair a thicker look. With short hair, your locks aren’t weighed down by length, and they can “buoy” up, creating a bouncy bob and thicker appearance.
  • Bold and Blunt: A lot of women like lots of layers and plenty of texture. But for those of you with thin hair, you actually want to steer clear of any type of layers, texture, or razoring. Instead, opt for a bold and blunt cut, giving your hair a healthy, bouncy look.

short and sassy cut

Styling Must Haves:

What is one of the most important parts to styling your hair? That’s right, having high quality products! You want to stock your bathroom with plenty of great hair care products to ensure that your hair not only looks good, but it looks and is healthy. Here are some great products that Salon Deauville carries and recommends!

KMS Add Volume:

This is a great product and a great line. The Add Volume line gives you just that – volume. Here are some great must-haves of this line:

  • Root & Body Lift: If you want volume, you’ve found it in this green bottle of liquid gold. It can add up to 70% volume, giving you that envy worthy lift.
  • Shampoo: Start from the get-go with the shampoo in order to give your hair that extra boost it needs. A lot of women forget that shampoo is just as important as the root and body lift – you’ve got to start from square one!
  • Volumizing Spray: Like the root and body lift, this adds substantial body to your roots, giving your hair a fuller appearance. It’s also a heat protectant, making it a must-use when styling your hair.


KMS ADD Volume
KMS ADD Volume, available at Salon Deauville

Big, sexy hair is no longer a thing of the past – with the right cutting and styling techniques, as well as the right hair care products, your limp, fine hair can be gone with the wind! If you want to get your hair styled to perfection, than make sure to come to Salon Deauville! To book your next appointment, Click Here!

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