Why do professional massages revitalize us so much

Would you like to discover why professional massages are so pleasurable? There are many answers; some scientific, some esoteric. At Salon Deauville we have the best masseuses, and today we are going to reveal to you the secrets of massages.

Massages have a relaxing and stimulating action: externally, on the connective tissue; the skin. And internally, on the muscular system and on the skeletal system.

We are talking about a treatment catalogued as therapeutic, and whose demand has created professional careers entirely dedicated to perfecting the technique of this work.

It is not for less, professional massages are one of the first treatment techniques experienced when feeling pain or fatigue; the first instinct of a person in pain is, in fact, to massage the affected area to regain wellness.

But why is getting a massage good for the body? Massage acts on the skin, muscles, connective tissue, blood and lymphatic circulation, and the release of hormones.

Consequently, a good massage promotes muscle relaxation, improves circulation, nourishes the skin, organs and tissues, and also aids in the elimination of metabolic waste.

But there’s more! Do you want to know all the benefits that massages provide to the human body? Read on to discover all its curiosities.


Cleansing action of professional massages


In addition to treating painful areas, massages also have a cleansing action on the skin. The massage frees the skin from debris and desquamated cells, and also stimulates the sebaceous and sweat gland ducts. 

In this way, secretion is regulated, and it acts on the nerve endings with a sedative effect and on the motor ones with an exciting effect. Finally, and at the same time, it modifies the consistency and elasticity of the skin to give it the right fluidity.


Professional massages offer a body rest

Have you ever woken up from a long, deep nap and said “I slept, but I didn’t rest”? Sometimes, when we have a lot of worries, our body tenses up and muscles contract.

Massage is able to dissolve and release the muscular blockages that make the body stiff and discordant, and it also frees the muscles from painful sensation.

Massage thus has a beneficial action on the skeletal system. More generally, massage is recommended in case of poor circulation, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, migraine, cellulite, fatigue, depression, anxiety and stress.

Origin of the need for massage

As we mentioned at the beginning, massage is the first form of human treatment. When you receive a blow, a contracture or a burn, the first thing you do, intuitively, is to massage with force the painful part, to lessen the damage.

The same happens when someone you love gets hurt. Massage is an innate defense reaction to try to soothe the pain in a natural way, but it can also be used when you want to achieve particular sensations of well-being.


Professional massages


The masseur is a researcher who studies the reactions of the body throughout his life, perfecting the touch and the intentionality of the hands, with the purpose of improving, more and more, the impact they have on the musculature, the skin and the nerve endings.

At Salon Deauville we offer different types of massages, each one of them oriented to attend a different body need, in order to offer a more complete service. Some of these massages are: 

  • Traditional massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Sports massage
  • Prenatal massage

Visit our website to know the prices and promotions available in these services.

Many people still believe that massages are exclusively part of beauty treatments. While it is true that it is part of a good all-around spa routine, its functions encompass much more.

In fact, massage is, in essence, a preventive and therapeutic treatment, which has the potential to lead anyone to an improvement in their state of health.

In many disciplines of other cultures, massage is seen as a very important remedy, both at the level of inflammation, muscle and joint pain, as well as at the level of physiological and energetic rebalancing of the organism.

In Salon Deauville we have the best professionals in the country in this sector. Visit our website to book an appointment and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to never miss our offers.

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