Winter Makeup for the Winter Bride

For summer brides, you reach for the pinks and peaches, a summer bronzed look of beachy happiness. In the winter time though, different seasons call for different colors. For you gorgeous winter brides, opt for makeup colors that are a wee bit darker, but colors that enhance your natural skin tones and beauty. Here are some winter makeup tips for all you gorgeous brides.

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Makeup Artist Montreal: Winter Skin Tones

There are all types of skin tone colors out there, and each one is enhanced with different makeup colors. Your skin tone, hair color, and eye colors are all contrast; light from dark, best in bright, bold colors. Here are just a few of the different types of “winter” skin tones:

  • Very White: This is your palest of skin tones, your gorgeous “Snow White” color that’s beautiful and Chrystal white. Think Meryl Streep or Liv Tyler. This skin tone color looks best in your icy colors, such as steel grey (for eyeshadow), lavenders, and black eyeliners. Think bold.
  • Pale, Light: This is a little lighter, not quite as white. Think Taylor Swift. Pretty, bright pinks or glamorous reds look fantastic. For winter brides, opt for bright, bold reds.
  • Deep Winter: Deep winter skin tones are your darker and even light toned skins. Think Penelope Cruz or Sandra Bullock. Both have naturally darker skin tones, but still on the cool, lighter side. Colors that best match their colors are deep purples, grays, dark blues, and even peaches, depending on how “light” or “dark” your deep winter color skin tone is. There’s a range when it comes deep winter skin tones. You can be tan like Penelope Cruz or Viola Davis, or you can be paler like Jaime Murray or Salma Hayek.

Colors for a Montreal Winter Wedding

For you winter brides with winter skin tones, you’ll want to brighten your look by donning those gorgeous, deep colors that contrast well with your skin tone. If you’re paler, like Meryl Streep or Liv Tyler, you will want to try those gorgeous burgundy reds and maroons. Brighten up your skin tone with a bright blush and cool tones for your eyeshadow. Bring in contrast that looks natural and enhancing. Remember, the key is to enhance your natural color.

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Here at Salon Deauville, our makeup artists know what colors look best on different skin tones. For you gorgeous winter brides with winter skin tones, our makeup artists will make you look your absolute best, radiant, and absolutely gorgeous. At Salon Deauville, you can schedule a trial service to see just what colors look best on you, what style of makeup you want to do, and so much more. By scheduling a makeup trial for your wedding, you’ll be able to see and test out all the colors, styles, and looks you want to do. Here at Salon Deauville, we make it our goals to make sure that you walk out feeling like the Princess Bride that you are! If you are interested in a makeup trial, then make sure to give us a call, book an appointment, and visit our salon!

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