Winter Wonderland Makeup for the Makeup Queen in Montreal

Winter time is a perfect time to experiment with the darker colors. When it’s spring and summer time and even fall, you tend to grab the pinks, reds, and oranges. When it comes to winter time, though, don’t be afraid to grab those romantically dark colors! Here are some fabulous winter makeup ideas for you try this year! You’ll definitely be the dark and mysterious beauty you’ve always wanted to be!

winter makeup styles

Best Montreal Make-up Artist Styles for Winter

Makeup Wonderland:

There are so many gorgeous dark colors out there, the ideas are limitless! Here are some fabulously cool ideas for you to try this winter!

  • Dark and Dangerous: Usually when you think lipstick you think peaches, pinks, and even reds if you’re feeling a little daring. Put those colors in the drawer and grab a few colors that are even more dramatic, such as dark plum, deep berry colors, and even black. Now, the trick is not to look like a zombie, but find that dark and romantic color that leaves an impression of mysterious beauty!
    • Tip: When you wear darker lipsticks, like blackcurrant, limit the eye makeup. In fact, try au naturale with your eyes to allow all the focus to be drawn to your lips. Too much dark can make you look heavy, tired, and painted.
  • Think Toffee: When you think toffee, you think delicious caramel, coffee, and sweet and dreamy tastes exploding on your tastebuds. Transfer that deliciousness to your eyes, lips, your cheeks, and even your hair color. Opt for toffee colored eye shadows, a tint of toffee on your cheeks (if it will match your skin tone) and even a softer toffee colored lip. This is a perfect everyday look, great for any and every occasion.
    • Tip: Since you’re going a little soft with the toffee colors, swipe on a dash of mascara and a soft, thin cat eyeliner. This will complement your look and make you appear completed and ready for the day!
  • Killer Eyes: If your best feature is your eyes, than make those your focal point. Opt for colors like charcoal, darkest black, and deep chocolate browns to give your eyes a pop of color. Instead of lining just your tops eyelids, opt for lining your whole eye, top and bottom lid. Smudge the bottom, but keep your upper eyelid thin and perfect. For a more casual look, smudge the top lid just a little bit for a “smokier” appeal.
    • Tip: For a dramatic night out, opt for a super exaggerated cat eye. Keep your lines thick above your eyelid, but once past the edge, bring the line out to a perfectly clean and precise tip as far up and out as you want.
  • Blush it Up: With winter comes a lack of warm sunshine, making you look a little paler. Combat that natural winter whiteness with a dash of blush. Bronzers are also fantastic for a giving you a natural, more sun kissed look.

winter makeup ideas

Beauty Salon & Boutique in Montreal

Here at Salon Deauville, we carry all the products you need to recreate that perfect winter-wonderland look. From makeup to face care products, we have everything and anything under the sun you need to take proper care of your gorgeous skin, so make sure to stop on by and take a look at all that we have to offer!

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